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Ryke Geerd Hamer

Ryke Geerd Hamer (born May 17, 1935) is a barred German physician. In 1981 he created a controversial, pseudo-scientific alternative medicine that he first called New Medicine and later Germanic New Medicine (a registered trademark).

Hamer has been prosecuted for illegal practice of medicine in various European countries. As of 2007, he lives in Norway. In an interview dated back to September 2007, he mentioned he fled from Spain to Norway in March 2007 in order to escape a warrant for his arrest from Germany, for incitement of hatred against a minority of the population (article 130 of the German criminal code). Hamer made numerous public antisemitic statements in open letters and on web pages and accused an international Zionist conspiracy (in particular the New York based B’nai B’rith) of having killed two billion people by hiding the truth about New Medicine. In a fax, his lawyer Koch stated that the fax number +47 33 464950, which belongs to a person in southern Norway (Sandefjord), was Hamer's. In May 2008, Hamer said in an open letter that his postal address in Norway was the same as his publishing company address in Sandefjord, Germanische Neue Medizin Forlag Dr. Hamer in Sandkollveien 11, N-3229 Sandefjord.[1]



Various web pages list many different biographies of Hamer, showing many differences. This article only refers to information taken from various court papers of Hamer's trials and lawsuits, articles published in newspapers, radio and TV broadcasts and several statements from people who formerly worked with Hamer. Hamer's own statements differ significantly from information in court records.

Ryke Geerd Hamer was born on May 17, 1935 in Mettmann (Germany), as the third of four brothers. Hamer, however, claims he has five siblings. His mother was Italian. He grew up East Frisia (German: Ostfriesland) where he lived with his grandfather until the age of 7. The name of his father is perhaps Heinrich Hamer. Heinrich Hamer was a Protestant pastor in Meschede from 1945 to 1969. In his book Einer gegen Alle ("One against All") Hamer said his father's name was Heinz. Hamer finished high school in Krefeld and studied theology and medicine in Tübingen and Erlangen, Germany. According to Hamer, he studied theology for 8 terms and became master theologist. He also studied medicine and finished this course of studies on April 10, 1962, after 12 terms, and therefore could not have worked as physician earlier than that date (see court files). In 1963, he was granted a professional license as a doctor of medicine at the age of 28; his doctoral thesis deals with an ophthalmological topic that has nothing to do with his later ideas and hypothesis. The publication date of his doctoral thesis can be retrieved at the Deutsche Bibliothek where his thesis is stored. Hamer and some of his followers state he was allegedly Germany's youngest physician. Hamer allegedly also attended lectures in physics, but he never finished this course and therefore cannot be considered a physicist or to have good knowledge in physics. In Tübingen he met Sigrid Oldenburg, a medical student who became his wife in 1956 and who also became a physician. In February 1972, after 10 long years (the usual time for specialization in Germany is only 5 years), Hamer completed his specialization in internal medicine. He never held positions as a head physician or the head of a clinic department, as Hamer claims without any proof. He was not a psychiatrist, gynaecologist, radiologist or oncologist, as some people state on various web pages or published in several books. He was never a lecturer or a professor. His attempts to become a professor failed as the University of Tübingen did not accept his lecture qualification Das Dirk-Hamer-Syndrom und die eiserne Regel des Krebses in 1982 for good reasons, after having examined it. Hamer then worked in several private practices together with his wife from 1964 to 1986 and opened at least three private clinics lead by himself to experiment his New Medicine on cancer patients. In 1972, Hamer moved to Hamburg where he tried to conclude a real-estate deal which later fell. Details are reported in an article of the magazine Stern: [...] between 1967 and 1976 he [Hamer] and his wife Sigrid, also a physician, work in the area of Heidelberg, with the exception of a short period in Hamburg [...] in 1972, Hamer moved to Hamburg-Blankenese. From now on he called himself Hamer von Fumetti and planned to convert an old villa into apartments. But he did not have sufficient financial means and a court forbade his use of the name von Fumetti. The former Sir von Fumetti returned to Heidelberg with considerable debts and opened another practice [...][2] In 1976 Hamer was forced to return his accreditation for payments by the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Nordbaden as there were financial irregularities. During the same year, he moved to Weiterstadt where he obtained a credit of 70,000 DM (35.000 Euro) from the Weiterstadt municipality to arrange his practice. But Hamer never opened that practice and according to Stern magazine, he also did not pay back the credit, and moved to Italy instead. In 1978, his wife returned her KÄV-accreditation, too. During that period, Hamer patented several inventions. Hamer invented an electric scalpel (Hamer scalpel), an electrically powered chainsaw for bones, a particular couch for patients, and an injection technique. His inventions had no success, and would later cause more financial troubles. German company Kienzle tried to market the Hamer scalpel but later discovered that this device caused severe tissue damage when used in curves. Kienzle and Hamer's creditors insisted on his returning monies paid in advance and demanded a declaration of bankruptcy. Hamer therefore left Germany in 1978 and moved to Rome (via Cassia 1280 and via Margutta). According to the sentence of the court OVG Koblenz in 1990, Hamer had 39 entries in various lists of German debtors.

The Dirk Hamer Incident

Dirk Hamer in hospital with sister Birgit
Cavallo island
Vittorio Emanuele

According to various sources, Hamer's son Dirk was expelled from Italy for 'resisting authorities'. On August 17, 1978, Dirk was shot in the leg while sleeping under the deck of a yacht near the island of Corsica (Cavallo Island, France). Dirk Hamer was not the intended target, according to witnesses, the intended target was Italian playboy doctor Nicky Pende. The bullet traveled across an anchored boat and finally perforated the external hull of a second motor-yacht where Dirk Hamer slept. The M1 rifle bullet was shot in the night by Italian aristocrat Vittorio Emanuele (son of Italy's last king Umberto II), who was drunk. He was upset because someone used his inflatable tender without asking for his permission. It was the son of his private physician who used this tender to return to his boat after a visit to a local restaurant. Vittorio Emanuele had dinner at the same restaurant, sitting in a nearby table. Dirk Hamer was hospitalized, first at a small Corsican clinic, then later taken to a hospital in Marseille, France where one of his legs were amputated. After a protracted medical course in Marseille and Heidelberg, Dirk Hamer died in Heidelberg on December 7, 1978. Hamer Sr had Dirk transported from Marseille to a clinic in Heidelberg against the explicit wishes of French surgeons in Marseille. On August 18, 1991, the Paris Assize Court ruled Vittorio Emanuele not guilty of homicide, he was only convicted of the illegal possession of a rifle and was sentenced to six months in prison. After Vittorio was sent to prison, in 2006, years afterward (in prison for an unrelated corruption charge), a camera bug was hidden inside his cell. In the recording Emanuele referenced the death of Dirk Hamer "[...] I was in the wrong, [...] but I must say I fooled them [the French judges] [..]". After his son's death, Hamer in newspaper articles said that Vittorio Emanuele had allegedly offered him 2 million DM (1 million Euro, about 1,5 million USD) to avoid any further legal proceedings. Later he said that as much as 10 million DM was offered to him. However, the two families decided on a payment of only 500,000 FF (french francs - which is much less) of which Vittorio Emanuele paid only 200,000 DM (100,000 Euro) and argued the intervention of Hamer Sr. to hospitalize his son in Germany as contributing to Dirk's death. Emanuele's wife, Princess Marina Doria, in an article of magazine Stern claimed that the families had agreed on a payment of 2 million DM, Hamer would have asked his daughter Birgit (who was present in Corsica as a witness) to make a legal statement in favour of Vittorio Emanuele during the prosecution. In 2006, Hamer made an illogical statement in relation to his son's death, claiming that his son had been killed in 1978 because of Hamer's New Medicine (however, this is impossible, as Hamer's New Medicine was first created in 1981, 3 years after Dirk's death) and claimed his son was a victim of a conspiracy against his pseudo-medical doctrine.

Hamer's Testicular Cancer

Two months after his son's death, Hamer self diagnosed testicular cancer which was cured conventionally by a surgical intervention in a clinic in Tübingen. According to Hamer, the shock of his son's death caused him to develop testicular cancer within only two months after the event, and also to have caused breast cancer with his wife Sigrid. His wife was allegedly cured by Hamer using his New Medicine and thus became his first patient, as Hamer claims in one of his books. She died in 1985, however, after having refused any conventional cure by modern medicine, New Medicine was not able to help her.

Invention of New Medicine and first years of experiments with cancer patients

Hamer-clinic Sanatorium Rosenhof in Bad Krozingen

The loss of his son Dirk led Hamer to invent his "New Medicine" in autumn 1981, after his return to Germany. He presented his invention in German and Italian television in October 1981. His son Dirk still today plays an important role as Hamer claims to receive spiritually transmitted messages from his son in his dreams. His son confirmed his results, Hamer later said in one of his books, and urged him to continue research of New Medicine and to publish the results. Later he considered his son to be the real inventor of New Medicine.[3] During the same month of October 1981, Hamer presented a written habilitation lecture with the title Das Dirk-Hamer-Syndrom und die eiserne Regel des Krebses (the Dirk-Hamer syndrome and iron rule of cancer) to the University of Tübingen. This lecture was then scrutinized by two professors. On May 4 1982, this habilitation lecture was unanimously rejected by a board of professors (0 votes in favor to 150 against) due to mangelnder Wissenschaftlichkeit und fehlenden Belege (lack of scientific quality and lack of references/proofs).[4] According to the University of Tübingen, Hamer's work was not objective but influenced by personal momentum. The work presented no references to formerly published work and had qualities of a pseudo-science. His work was not presented in a way to be validated later, says the evaluation of the University of Tübingen.

In 1982 Hamer returned to Germany and opened a private clinic in Bad Krozingen. The clinic's name was Sanatorium Rosenhof and Hamer was the only physician present. He did not want to wait any longer to experiment his New Medicine on cancer patients. But New Medicine proved a desaster for cancer patients: after the clinic had been closed by authorities, two journalists were able to identify fifty former cancer patients of Sanatorium Rosenhof and established that only 7 of them survived. They published a report in a critical newspaper article.[5]

In 1983, Hamer opened another illegal private clinic called Haus Dammersmoor in Gyhum near Bremen (Lower Saxony) at Dammersmoorerweg 17, where he once again was the only physician present. This clinic, too, was to be closed by authorities. Hamer years later claimed that some of his patients died in his clinic due to critical newspaper articles about him and his clinic.

On April 12 1985, his wife Sigrid died of breast cancer. During the same year, Hamer told a nurse in a conversation in one of his clinics (Katzenelnbogen) that his wife did not believe in his methods and she died because of her scepticism (see: Testimonies_of_former_associates_of_Hamer). In one of his books,[6] Hamer mentions the fatal disease of his wife in a very different way: [...] by the way, the first patient that I was able to cure after finding the IRON RULE OF CANCER was my wife who had a node in her left breast, but we knew the conflict, namely having been evicted from the appartment in via Margutta [Rome], the appartment belonged to the cousin of the murderer [Vittorio Emanuele]. But we also knew the therapy. My wife is the most intelligent person I ever saw. She understood, and she recovered. The conflict was resolved. The node regressed [...] A French website making propaganda for New Medicine even speaks about five consecutive cancer diseases of Hamer's wife.

Hamer-clinic in Katzenelnbogen

In August 1985, Hamer opened another private and illegal cancer clinic as a boarding house in the town of Katzenelnbogen near Koblenz (county of Rhein-Lahn-Kreis). Hamer was not authorized to treat patients. The name of this clinic was Freunde von Dirk (friend of Dirk). This clinic was also closed by authorities after 5 months, and outrageous circumstances in that clinic were discovered by autorities after two external physicians made a complaint. Neighbours of the clinic were alarmed by persons screaming or crying whom they saw at the windows and offered food to the patients (unconfirmed information from witnesses in an internet forum). Hamer again was the only physician in that clinic and often left patients alone for days without giving contact information like telephone numbers, or naming a replacing physician. He went to France several times in order to collect financial donations from a French sponsor (Antoine D' Oncieu de la Batie / ASAC). In this clinic many patients from European countries and Germany died, were sent home or sent to other hospitals just short time prior to their death. One patient even died during transport to another clinic. Surrounding clinics then refused to accept further dying patients from Katzenelnbogen. According to three women who worked there in 1985 and were interviewed in 2007 (see: Testimonies_of_former_associates_of_Hamer), no patient was cured there, and almost every patient died. During this period of time, Hamer presented pictures of X-rays from patients to the media to prove the effectivity of his New Medicine. However: some of these patients did not survive the treatment according to New Medicine. TV broadcast Panorama (ARD) and magazine Spiegel instead presented photos of their graves.

Revocation of Hamer's Licence to Practice Medicine

old castle Burgau (Austria)

At the end of 1985, Hamer was sued by two physicians because of the scandalous conditions in his Freunde-von-Dirk-Hamer clinic in Katzenelnbogen and the Department of Criminal Investigations confiscated material during a house search of that clinic which was then closed by authorities. Hamer moved to Köln (Cologne) in March 1986 and the district court of Cologne revoked his medical licence on April 8, 1986.[7] The sentence of the Cologne district court was based on article 5 of the German Bundesärzteordnung and on two psychiatric expertises by Professor B. Pflug (University of Frankfurt) dated November 27, 1985 and February 2, 1986. Under German law the right to practise medicine can be withdrawn if the doctor's mental abilities have diminished. In an appeal court sentence of the district court sentence of Koblenz which was published, the reasons can be seen in German language: [8][9]. The court sentence of 1986 was reconfirmed in 2003. From that date on, Hamer continued to treat patients without a medical license or any Heilpraktiker-license (license of a German naturopath).

In 1990, Hamer moved to Austria and opened a consultation center in the old castle of Burgau without a medical license for Germany or Austria. He received assistance from the mayor of Burgau, Wallner, as Hamer helped the mayor's wife to perform a New Medicine conflictolysis. As became public later the mayor's wife, despite this intervention, died of cancer. Officially, this consultation center was declared the Austrian branch of Hamer's publishing house Amici di Dirk. Hamer received many financial donations to his bank account at that time. The consultation center in Burgau was finally closed by Austrian authorities and documents were confiscated by the police.

From 1997 to 1998 Hamer was in prison in Cologne. In 2000 he left Germany to hide in Spain, in the village of Alhaurin el Grande near Malaga. In September 2004 Hamer was arrested in Spain and extradited to France, as there was an international warrant for his arrest. Hamer was released from prison in France in February 2006 and returned to Spain where he continued the medical treatment of visiting patients or giving them advice by phone. Hamer and witnesses claim he always felt stalked by people following him everywhere. Hamer finally left Spain in March 2007, seeking refuge in Norway. In two interviews, he told his friends he preferred to hide in Norway as this country was not part of the European community. According to Hamer, he now was under investigation by the public prosecutor of the town of Cottbus (Germany), Robinek.

Criminal Record

Hamer's exile in Spain
Hamer's arrest in Spain as viewed by his suporters

Hamer violated German, French, and Austrian laws on numerous occasions and was convicted several times in different countries; he served prison times twice, for at least 3 years.

  • In 1986, Hamer wass sentenced to a fine of 3,000 DM (1,500 Euro) for treating patients without a license. Case file number: 34 Js 85/86 district court of Cologne.
  • On January 22, 1992 he was sentenced in Cologne to 6 months suspended, again for treating patients without a license. Hamer appealed and on February 12, 1993, the sentence was reduced to 4 months (case 105-99/92). He had tried to cure a young man from bone-cancer by simply applying a cast, so the leg had to be amputated later. (case file numbers: 613 Ls 152/91 and 34 Js 232/89 StA Köln)
  • On July 27, 1993, Hamer was sentenced to 6 months suspended for defamation in Austria. (district court of Graz).
  • The parents of Olivia Pilhar were sentenced to 8 months suspended.[10] Hamer could not be prosecuted in the Olivia Pilhar case because he had fled Austria in the meantime.
  • In 1997, Hamer was arrested in Cologne and, on September 9, 1997, was sentenced to 19 months by the district court of Cologne. He served 12 months in jail in Cologne. Hamer once more was convicted for treating cancer patients without a license. He was sued by several parents of patients having died after a cure with New Medicine. Case file number: 34 Js 178/95 Amtsgericht Köln, and a psychiatric expert opinion attested a psycopathic personality with delusional persuasions, as recorded by the witness Leuzinger.
  • In 2001, Hamer was sentenced in absence to three years in prison in France after having been sued by French parents of cancer patients who died after treatment with New Medicine in France. An international arrest warrant was issued and Hamer was arrested in Spain in September 2004 and extradited to France. He served the time in France, was released on February 16, 2006 and returned to Spain.
  • Currently (2007) he is accused of incitement of hatred against a minority of the population (article 130 of German criminal laws) by prosecutor Robinek in Cottbus/Germany, as Hamer made many public anti-semitic statements in open letters and web pages and commented upon an alleged international Jewish conspiracy. Case file number: 1653 Js 2797 / 06.
  • There is also a private court case pending, with a substantial amount of damages asked, because Hamer advised a patient against chemotherapy.

The Case of Olivia Pilhar

Olivia P. in hospital
Olivia years after treatment

Hamer became known in Austria and Germany mainly through the case of Olivia Pilhar in 1995. Olivia, then aged six, suffered from a Wilms' tumour. The parents withheld effective conventional medical therapy from their child Olivia and thought Hamer a trustworthy alternative. The Austrian authorities removed their rights of child care, and the parents fled from Austria to Malaga (Spain) via Munich with the child. There, Hamer unsuccessfully treated the child, applying his method. The tumour continued to grow. After negotiations including the intervention of the Austrian president, the parents were persuaded to return to Austria. By then, Olivia's tumour weighed several kilograms. The child was finally given an effective medical treatment after a court order against the parents' wishes and is still alive in 2007. Her parents received a sentence of eight months suspended in Austria. The parents still support Hamer's method and maintain their own web site which explains the matter from their perspective. See details about this and other cases here: Victims of New Medicine.


Hamer was often accused of using anti-semitic terminology and claiming that a genocidal Zionist conspiracy wanted him silenced. According to Hamer, Jews cured themselves with the Germanic New Medicine and prevented non-Jews from using it. Hamer goes on to allege that his ideas were well known to Jewish scientists but that they deliberately withheld this information from the rest of the world. He says the doctors of official medicine are guilty of the "most hideous crime in the whole history of mankind". Jews allegedly had killed two billion people with morphine, chemotherapy and radiation treatment, according to Hamer.

See also: Iwan Götz

Political Activities

Hamer has often been accused of publishing anti-semitic and anti-Jewish statements in his public letters and on his webpages, including the denial of holocaust. At the moment (2008) he is accused of incitement of hatred against a minority of the population (article 130 of german criminal laws) by the public prosecutor of Cottbus (Germany). Hamer's image of himself as a genius misunderstood and victim of a monstrous international Jewish-Masonic-Catholic plot is received well within the extreme right. Not surprisingly, he has found supporters there and was invited by several extremist right groups to give lectures. The extremist right German paper Junge Freiheit praised him, as well as the extremist Swiss website Recht und Freiheit. Among those opening their doors to Hamer was the extremist right and antisemitic Christian cult Bruderschaft Salem (Salem Brotherhood) which is known for its collaboration with the convicted German Nazi lawyer Jürgen Rieger. Hamer's cult can be described as a "supercult". With its message that all disease can be healed, spiced up with antisemitic paranoia, he can gain acceptance with a range of other cranks. According to an article in Austrian newspaper Der Standard in 1995, Hamer denied the holocaust in a conversation with a female cancer patient. Hamer did not know his patient was Jewish herself; she was horrified and reported the incident to the newspaper. Hamer's own words can be seen here: [11]. An interview of Hamer published in Italian language in 2006 further documents his denial of the holocaust.[12] His antisemitic statements and copies of his public letters can be seen on many websites. In 2006 he declared he wanted to become Reichspräsident of a future German Reich.

Conspiracy Theories

According to Hamer, AIDS was not caused by the HI-Virus. He believes no person ever died of AIDS without having previously been told that they were HIV positive or believed they were positive. The implication is that, same as with cancer, it was the negative perception associated with AIDS that caused its devastating effects. Hamer also believes that man was never on the moon and the twin towers in New York was not attacked by Al Kaida.

Alleged Assassination Attempts

According to Hamer, he survived at least 8 assassination attempts.


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  • Doctoral thesis of Hamer: Untersuchungen über den Einfluss des Adaptinols (Heleniens) auf die Dunkeladaptation des gesunden Auges, with pictures. Tübingen 1963 December 20


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