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Since the invention of Germanic New Medicine by former physician Ryke Geerd Hamer, a large number of victims of his particular method have been documented in court documents, newspaper articles and have been reported by former patients and their relatives as well as by former employees and nurses working in his practices or clinics. The total number of victims of this method in and outside of Germany exceeds 140 (148 according to Aribert Deckers' List at the beginning of 2008). Eleven patients died in Italy only. And no case of a successful cancer treatment according to the principles of New Medicine has been documented so far. Modern scientific medicine reports a 50% to 65% survival for all cancer cases in industrialised countries in many different scientific articles published worldwide.[1][2][3][4][5][6]

German magazine Der Spiegel published a report written by two journalists who were able to identify fifty former patients of Hamer's in 1995, after his private clinic Rosenhof in Bad Krozingen (Germany) was closed by authorities.[7] In the same year, only seven patients of these fifty were found alive after the cancer treatment according to New Medicine.

In Italy, an oncologist (hereinafter named T. from Rimini[8]) reported that New Medicine experiments were made on three cancer patients and that none of them survived. The Italian GNM association ALBA knew details about these experiments, he wrote in an internal forum of Italian Hamer supporters. In the Padova region (Italy), an Italian New Medicine physician, Paolo Rossaro, has been charged for the death of several cancer patients.

Some of the most notable and best referenced cases are shown here as examples.

1995: Olivia Pilhar (Austria)

Olivia Pilhar as photo model in 2008
Olivia Pilhar in 1995
Olivia Pilhar in 2001 after her treatment (from a poster of Hamer supporters)

Austrian girl Olivia was six years of age when she began to suffer from a life-threatening Wilms' tumor (nefroblastoma). Olivia's parents first consulted a female physician in Vienna (apparently Elisabeth Rozkydal). She enabled a contact to Ryke Geerd Hamer who was already barred at that time and not in a position to treat patients legally. The parents decided to have their child treated according to Hamer's New Medicine, and at the same time began to withhold any conventional medical therapy from their child. Hamer first diagnosed flatulence and tried to help Olivia by a sort of massage of her belly.[9] He then asserted she would recover without any particular therapy. Hamer was at the end of his diagnostic abilities: starvation conflict because Olivia's grandmother gave her too many Schnitzels to eat and a refugee conflict because the family had moved house earlier.[10][11] Hamer also diagnosed an alleged liver tumour and thought a traumatic event having occured shortly before was the real cause of this tumour. This is simply impossible and nonsense because a tumour needs years to develop, in children at least two years. Later Hamer even diagnosed brain metastases and claimed chemotherapy was fatal in 95% of all cases, creating much fear in the family.

Austrian authorities finally revoked their rights to child custody, and the parents fled Austria with their child, first to Munich and later to Malaga (Spain, Hotel Las Vegas next to Hamer's house in Alhaurin el Grande), being aided and abetted by four members of a religious sect (Fiat Lux). Hamer unsuccessfully treated the child using his New Medicine, and the tumour continued to grow. When Olivia had left Austria, her tumour had a volume of 250 ml and grew up to 4.2 liters (the size of a football), and she suffered considerably as the tumour exerted growing pressure on her tiny lungs so that she was forced to breathe at a high frequency. Olivia and her parents were finally traced in Spain by the German press (Spiegel), and Hamer shamelessly used this as an opportunity to gain publicity for himself and his method. He requested the child to come to the beach for some photos. After negotiations including the intervention of the Austrian president, the parents were persuaded to return to Austria after intervention of the Spanish police. The child was finally given emergency medical treatment in Vienna against the parents' wish following court orders and is still alive today.

The parents sold photos of their daughter to the Austrian press and even sold the rights to a film for an amount of 500,000 Austrian Schillings. Her parents both received a sentence of eight months in Austria in 1996 and 1997. The parents still support Hamer's method and maintain their own website which explains the case from their point of view. Austrian authorities were not in a position to accuse Hamer, because he had left Austria to hide in Spain, but started investigations in 40 cases of former Hamer patients who died in Austria.[12][13][14] In an interview, O. Pilhar, as an adult, told the Austrian newspaper Madonna in 2008 that: I feel good.[15][16]

1995: Helena Lumbreras (Spain)

Helena Lumbreras
Vicenç Herrera from Barcelona

Spanish professor and known opponent of Franco's Helena (Elena) Lumbreras noticed a tumour in her left breast at the age of 51 in 1987. She tried to cure her breast cancer by different alternative methods; however, without any success. She left two daughters and her husband. After a first attempt with faith-healing, she noticed her tumour growing, and a metastasis appeared. Therefore she decided to undergo a late conventionally chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Afterwards, she once more tried an alternative method using whole-body hyperthermia, again without success. She then was advised to try New Medicine by a colleague. Her daughter Valeria remembers Helena Lumbreras called a Hamer center in the region of Malaga where someone promised her a recovery within three weeks. An unknown person with a strong German accent advised her what to do. On March 12 1995, her suffering increased considerably and she was not able to get up or leave her room any longer. The German-sounding person prohibited the use of pain-relieving analgetic drugs and told her never to take any chemotherapy in future. Mrs Lumbreras was in terrible pain and not able to sleep more than one hour per day and refused to eat.

After two months of such a treatment by telephone, an GNM physician suddenly appeared: Spanish physician Vicenç Herrera from Barcelona. According to Herrera, Lumbreras allegedly suffered from a mother-child-conflict which caused cancer in her left breast. When the pain intensified even more, Herrera considered this a symptom of a proceso de recalcificación and of recovery. In June 1995, Lumbreras had to be admitted to a hospital as an emergency. In hospital, she happened to see a report on the case of Olivia Pilhar on TV (Olivia and her parents were in Spain at that time) and so learned of Hamer having lost his medical license. Her daughter Valeria remembers Lumbreras told her: «[...] Ojalá lo hubiera sabido antes [...]» On August 4 1995, she died suffering extreme pain. The doctor she last consulted was Vicenç Herrera Adell, a stout supporter of Hamer's since 1992. Physicians Juan Puget Valencia and Vicenç Herrera Adell were sued by Mrs Lumbreras' parents. Puget Valencia voiced regret to have made use of New Medicine, and legal procedures against him were closed. The Consejo del Colegio de Médicos de Catalunya revoked the medical license of Vicenç Herrera.[17][18]

2000: Gaby J., daughter of Mrs. Rose-Laure Huber (Switzerland)


In 2005, TV-station RBB (Radio Berlin-Brandenburg) reported the death of a young Swiss nurse who died of breast cancer after having received treatment according to principles of New Medicine for a long time.[19][20] Gaby J. ([21]) was born in 1952. She suffered from breast cancer and refused any further conventional medical therapy after a first operation. Instead, she believed in Hamer's New Medicine. Persons from the local Hamer-scene told her the tumour was a symptom of a self-healing process and that a final recovery needed time. But nevertheless she died June 6, 2000 suffering extremely, as her mother Rose-Laure Huber reported. A description of her terrible situation a few days prior to her death can be seen here: [22].

Like Mrs. Wechselbaum, Gaby's mother holds Hamer's New Medicine responsible for her suffering and her death.[23] A detailed German report by her mother can be seen here: [24].

2002: Sören Wechselbaum (Germany)

Sören Wechselbaum

Sören Wechselbaum was 35 years of age in 2002 when he began to suffer from testicular cancer. According to his mother Christa Wechselbaum, her son was a strict follower of New Medicine until the day before his death, and rejected any help or therapy by conventional medicine. Testicular cancer, however, is one of the cancers which can be cured very successfully by modern medicine, the prognosis is around 90% today. Ryke Geerd Hamer himself also suffered from testicular cancer in 1979, preferred to be cured by conventional medicine and is still alive (in 2008, 28 years later). Sören on the other hand died, and one day before his death admitted he committed an error preferring New Medicine. He said so to a close friend. His mother became one of the strictest opponents of Hamer's New Medicine in Germany, organizing public protests.

2004: Carmen (Germany)


Carmen began to suffer from breast cancer in 2003, an intraductal carcinoma. Details of her suffering were made public in a television broadcast by her sister K.[25] and in forum messages by her boyfriend Erik Stolz[26]. She eventually died at the age of 33. Together with her boyfriend Erik, she was known for a follower of New Medicine and therefore refused any conventional medical treatment. Instead, she seeked help with a German Heilpraktiker (naturopath). Carmen went to Hamer who was already barred at that time and lived in Spain. Hamer received Carmen and performed an allegedly successful so-called conflictolysis according to the rules of New Medicine. The naturopath promised her a recovery without any further cure, without a radiation therapy or operation. She only had to resolve her conflicts, he said, in which case her cancer was simply going to disappear. But Carmen suffered a stroke (a typical complication in cancer) which, however, was considered an epileptoid crisis according to New Medicine-speak. She then received treatment in an amateurish way as she was given sugar-containing drinks, and ice to cool her head. Her breast cancer, however, was not influenced by these manoeuvres and she started to suffer from increasing nausea. Her tumour caused several metastases, advanced to her back, and caused severe pain. At the beginning of February 2005, a public forum message announced her death caused by breast cancer. She died perhaps much earlier, in summer 2004, as she ceased to contribute to the GNM forum at that date. Many other messages related to her death were deleted by the administrators of that forum, but external observers had carefully recorded them in time. A discussion of this case was obviously not welcome in that forum. The naturopath advising her could not be sued successfully and his identity is still unknown.

2005: Michaela Jakubczyk-Eckert (Germany)

The German artist Michaela Jakubczyk-Eckert was born November 14, 1964 and died suffering enormously on November 12, 2005 just a few days prior to her birthday.

She began to suffer from breast cancer (right breast) at the end of 2000 and did not seek medical help earlier than one year later, by the end of 2001. She first began a conventional therapy but changed her mind to try Hamer's New Medicine, after having seen information about this method on the internet. Accompanied by her mother, she went to Spain to consult Hamer. As far as her husband Gilbert remembers, Hamer diagnosed a partner conflict as she developed cancer on her right side and was right-handed. Always according to Gilbert's memory, Hamer told her to stop any conventional cure immediately and strongly advised to cancel a planned operation. When Hamer was asked how much they had to pay, he requested them to buy two of his books at a price of 150 Euro. After her return to Germany, Mrs Jakubczyk-Eckert stopped any conventional cure and instead was assisted by a so-called study-group of New Medicine near her home until her health deteriorated considerably, forcing her to go to a centre of palliative medicine in Cologne (Hospiz Lohmar). She suffered extreme pain but did not use any analgetic drug at that time. Rules of New Medicine forbid the use of strong analgetic drugs like morphine. The nurses at Hospiz Lohmar were horrified and declared to witnesses they had never seen another patient suffering as badly as her until her death.

The pictures shown and her story are reported by her husband Gilbert, by two of her physicians, and by nurses of Hospiz Lohmar.

More details and photos of this case in English language can be found here: [1].

Michaela's mother and several persons (all supporters of Hamer) published a text trying to explain Michaela's death from their own point of view:

Today, 81% of all women with breast cancer survive at least 5 years after a conventional therapy in Germany.[27]

2006: Elsemarit Fjeldheim (Norway)

Norwegian Elsemarit Fjeldheim died of breast cancer at the age of 52 in 2006. Initially, her doctor had given her a good prognosis. But she rejected any conventional medical treatment. In her private diary, Fjeldheim wrote she heard about New Medicine by Ryke Geerd Hamer in Norway and asked her doctor to be treated according to the principles of New Medicine by two Norwegian therapists: Bent Madsen and Dagfrid Kolas. Her doctor agreed. Mrs Fjeldheim was then treated by these two persons and was presented in public for a living example for a successful cancer treatment by New Medicine. Mrs Fjeldheim was assured recovery from her disease, but finally died one year after she began the New Medicine treatment.[28]

2006: Domenico Mannarino (Italy)

Domenico Mannarino
One page of the diary of Domenico Mannarino

On August 20, 2006, Italian police officer Domenico Mannarino died in terrible pain at the age of fifty because of cancer, with his doctor absent. Mannarino lived in the southern Italian city of Crotone. Since November 2005 he knew he had lung cancer with a diameter of 1 cm. A member of his family, physician B. L. of Rome[29], advised him to seek help from New Medicine and Mannarino agreed. The respective physician did not have an office in Crotone, but was (and still is) working at the hospital Sant' Andrea in Rome. But he visited his patient and kept contact with him by telephone. Mannarino and his wife Cinzia went to see a GNM physician in Aulla (Liguria) named Lupi. He charged 150 Euro for the consultation and requested them to buy some NM books (memory of his wife and as recorded in his private diary), and they decided to buy them. One of the publishing companies of Hamer's books happens to be situated in Aulla, formerly Amici di Dirk srl, now Secondo Natura srl.

The two were disappointed, however, because Lupi seemed to prefer talking instead of listening, and were quite amazed. Later the president of the Italian association ALBA, Marco Pfister (a Swiss citizen and former barman without any known medical degree), was included in the group of persons giving Mannarino advice, and Mannarino stayed in phone contact with him. His physician B. L. diagnosed an allegedly harmless bronchial ulceration and categorically excluded any cancer despite former radiological evidence, his wife Cinzia remembered. B. L. then ruled out any conventional treatment and urged him not to repeat any radiological exploration. Mannarino was not supposed to talk about his decision to try New Medicine and B. L. likewise ordered him not to name him as the treating physician to anyone. But Mannarino was a very accurate and meticulous policeman and wrote down every detail of disease and treatment in his private diary which his wife presented after his death. B. L. promised a rapid recovery from his ulceration. Mannarino followed all instructions and rejected any conventional treatment. His health situation, however, deteriorated rapidly, his lung tumour grew and he developed a metastasis at his chin. B. L. considered this a symptom of upcoming recovery.

Later Mannarino was semi-paralyzed and died at home, looked after by his wife. His physician B. L. had gone for a holiday to the Caribbean. Mannarino did not seek other medical help as he had promised not to contact any other doctor. He left his wife and three children. After his return, B. L. had no condolences for widowed Cinzia, but instead accused the astonished woman of having caused her husband's death as she allegedly did not strictly believe in New Medicine which, according to its rules, is said to be necessary for recovery. She replied that she in fact read one of Hamer's books to her husband when he was no longer able to read himself. Cinzia Alunni (the widow) became very upset and made public many details of this case in the Italian press. She still keeps her husband's diary and all receipts and bills. She tried to sue B. L., but had no success. She was threatened by an unknown man armed with a pistol waiting for her in front of her door at the end of 2007, and consequently intended to move from Crotone to avoid any further menace for her children and herself. In a newspaper article she considered Hamer's method illegal human experiments.

2006: Still unidentified man called Aldo (Italy)

In December 2006, a young Italian male admirer and supporter of New Medicine /Nuova Medicine Germanica) by the name of Aldo died of cancer in the town of Bergamo (Italy). His identity is still unknown, but many facts are known from different sources permitting to describe this case. Aldo was known for a Hamer supporter and was active in an Italian internet forum where supporters and critics meet and exchange opinions (Meet-up forum of Italian comedian and political activist Beppe Grillo). In this forum he was active with the nick of Ali Baba, as was revealed by a close friend of his (G.) who wants to keep her name secret. In his messages (recorded and saved, but also still visible) he shows a sort of blind trust in New Medicine. It is still a mystery who introduced him to this method. Some people were shocked reading his messages as he also publicly said he had cancer. But nobody wanted to advise him to seek competent medical help.

On September 20, 2006 he reported to have a tumour; he used the expression cancer. He announced he did not want any medical help. On October 2, he began to express weak doubts in New Medicine and considered trying the method of a former Italian physician Tullio Simoncini who believes the fungus candida albicans to be the real cause of all cancer which can be healed by a primitive sodium-bicarbonate cure (this physician was already barred and convicted like Hamer at that time). On November 24, he reported a large tumour in his belly that caused internal bleeding and a short emergency recovery at a hospital in Bergamo. He talked about a successful conflictolysis according to New Medicine. He showed signs of fear and in vain sought a confirmation of other cancer patients allegedly successfully cured by New Medicine. However, nobody was able to name any. He wrote to GNM association ALBA in Genova and looked for help there. But he only received a meaningless and peculiar e-mail stating that [...] the patient himself is responsible for his therapy [...] and he was disappointed having to realise this association was not willing to help him or simply was incompetent. His last message in fact was a good bye and a clear rejection of modern scientific medicine. He wrote that somebody (an unknown person) asked him to confirm that (allegedly) no GNM physician assisted him in the past, as if this fact were important. He did not understand why his tumour grew despite the fact that he had undergone a successful conflictolysis, and why he was still waiting for a recovery to happen. In the end he spoke about his fate. A few days before his death, he gave all his passwords to a female friend (G.) in order to continue with messages in his name, but she was deeply impressed by his death and decided not to write in his name. Instead she reported what happened in a message to the forum. She revealed he suffered from an inherited form of cancer (probably Familial Adenomatous Polyposis FAP), and that other members of his family had the same disease and were able to recover by choosing an effective medical treatment.

More details and a link to all recorded messages: Case Aldo from Bergamo

2007: The Rossaro cases in Vicenza and Padova (Italy)

Paolo Rossaro

Italian physician Paolo Rossaro from Albignasego (Vicenza) has been known to treat cancer patients according to New Medicine and to perform a New Medicine-specific CT brain scan diagnosis. He also founded a private association called Primum vitae. Several of his patients died following his instructions, but no patient successfully healed has been known of so far. Rossaro is now accused of unvoluntary manslaughter and of causing severe bodily injuries ("omicidio colposo" art 589 cp und "lesioni colpose"), and faces the loss of his medical license.[30][31]

  • On Christmas Eve 2007, Italian truck driver Christian Trevisan died of Hodgkin lymphoma in Vicenza (Italy) at the age of only 35,[32] leaving a wife and a daughter. According to several different newspaper articles, he refused conventional medical help and believed in Hamer's New Medicine and in the miraculous abilities of Paolo Rossaro. Rossaro in vain treated Trevisan with oceanic water, vitamins, and the psychological support of New Medicine. When his situation deteriorated, Trevisan in despair finally decided to seek help in a conventional clinic where doctors decided to sue Rossaro. But Trevisan's situation was so grave that treatment failed and he died after a short time.
  • In 2007 a man aged only 21 died in Padova (Italy) after having been treated by Rossaro. Like Trevisan, he also suffered from a Hodgkin lymphoma. This young man also rejected any conventional and effective cures of modern medicine.
  • Anna Tosin from Vicenza, aged 60, was another patient of Rossaro's and suffered from breast cancer. According to several newspaper articles, Rossaro told her to stop any conventional cure and Tosin complied. She died.

Hodgkin lymphoma: Hodgkin lymphoma can be cured, offering a good prognosis for patients. Approximately 95% of all Hodgkin patients today survive due to a modern therapy (according to studies done on more than 14,000 cases). Using radiation and chemotherapy, 96% of all 920 patients in Germany between 1994 and 2003 survived for 5 years and 95% survived for 10 years. During the sixties, only about 30% of all patients survived.[33] According to a study from the USA (2006), the prognosis was over 80%.[34]

2007: Maresa T. L. (Bergamo, Italy)

Maresa L. (Bergamo)

Mrs. Maresa T. L.[35] was born in 1959 and worked as a chemist in Bergamo (Italy). In 2007, she died of breast cancer at the age of 48. She had taken a three year training course in New Medicine in Aulla (Liguria). In 2004, she was aware of a suspicious histological diagnostic result, but strictly refused any medical intervention, believing solely in New Medicine. She also refused any further diagnostic procedures. She left her job as a chemist and became a Tai-Chi teacher. She was in contact with a local physiotherapist (P. P.[36]) in Bergamo and the president of GNM association ALBA, Marco Pfister. According to her relatives, she talked to Pfister on the phone almost every day (Pfister has no known medical degree or license). In June 2007, her breast cancer was growing and she started to suffer more and more. In August, she developed an icterus, her skin took on a yellow colour. Marco Pfister told her this was a symptom of recovery, and her yellow skin in reality was caused by her anger not to be able to visit Ischia island during her holidays where she had rented a vacation house. An operation was only of use for esthetic reasons, Pfister advised. Her left breast meanwhile showed several large tumours. On August 27, she was admitted to a local hospital (Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo) as an emergency case and received a blood donation. There were several metastases in her body. In the afternoon of August 28, she died after days of horrible pain.[37][38]

2008: Serge Bidart (France)

French GNM patient Serge Bidart's sister reports:

"August 2006. My brother makes a contact from his cellphone: 'Hi little sister here's your 'frero' (big brother) your holidays in Basque country are great?' Nothing but positive on the phone, in a soft but trembling voice he mentions that a biopsy has been positive... So the small lump in his face is cancer... A strong incredible hurt for my brother hits my body. The family has been informed and they are prepared to support him. Serge soon begins a chemotherapy and radiation. He endures these two deeply intervening treatments... The courage to fight for his life remains for some two or three months. I accompanied him to chemotherapy, and one day he tells me about this lady he meets regularly, a kinesiologist, who has a lot of good things to offer to help him endure cancer better... I advised him to continue with his therapies, but he refused, he also wanted no further advice from me as it was his concern only.

For one year, our relationship was tense. He told me everything went well, but this was wrong. Serge did not tell us why he turned his back on us. Only six months prior to his death, we understood what happened... But it was too late by then!!!

My brother had decided to end his therapies in hospital and turned to charlatans in the region of Rhone Alpes. Among them a kinesiologist; he met this woman frequently and felt happy and relieved after each visit. He was to „work“ on himself and his family now, in order to understand why he became ill. A „doctor“ of this method of „Biological Decoding“ gave him the same advice as did the kinesiologist. This man now claims he never advised my brother to abandon his therapies. Serge finally asked me to visit him, as his tumour advanced. Due to the tumour, his right eye stepped out of its socket. My brother spoke about the tumour and called it „tuvie“ (in French language, the term „tumeur“ resembles the words „tu meurs“, i.e. you die, „tuvie“ is an artificial term meaning „you live“).

From a certain point on he believed in a leukemia which allegedly had been triggered by me, while at the same time I was not responsible for the tumour in his sinus maxillaris. He was to travel to the region of Gironde to ask the family certain questions in order to find out why the tumour had developed. I was devastated, how could my brother make such horrible remarks, I did not recognize my brother any longer. In tears and holding my breath, I told him he hurt and appalled me terribly. Two days later, a beautiful bunch of flowers was delivered to my house in the name of my brother. My brother had realized that he accomplished his plan to destroy me!!! And now he felt remorse.

A naturopath sent him an e-mail with links to AMESSI VIA HAMER as well as links to a hospital by the name of ProLeben (pro life) in the town of Igls which practiced a biological medicine, and Serge planned to go there!!!! With the assistance of this naturopath, he did a Breuss cure (a cancer diet invented by farmer and naturopath Rudolf Breuss) which means to drink vegetable juice for a period of 42 days. This naturopath and a dentist finally convinced him to have „dead“ teeth extracted as they impeded his recovery. By the end of February 2008, he did have these teeth extracted in a hospital.

We were helpless against these cures, he believed in them. Indoctrinated, he had become blinded by their insinuations, he had lost weight considerably, but he believed all this was normal. For him, his „tuvie“ dwindled in the same way as his weight. Similarly, he interpreted haemorrhage as evidence that his tumour would go forever!!! Totally emaciated, his energy began to decline, but he refused to go to hospital. The swelling in his eye socket kept growing, Mom treated the haemorrhages, since he also refused a nurse. Our mother, a strong and courageous Mom, could not do anything except for calming his cries of pain by her forbearance and care, and tend the haemorrhages. His tumour got more visible, it began to grow beyond his right eye.

In April 2008, Serge reluctantly accepted to go to hospital, and even though his legs did not carry him any longer, he could have left the hospital. My brother ended his life blind and in horrible pain, the tumour inside his head growing all over his face. The most horrible thing was that, during the last two weeks, my brother was not able to talk to us any longer. The larynx was effected, too. We did not see his face any longer, it was covered by bandages covering the tumour and hemorrhaging spots, only his mouth being visible. It hurts too much even to try and describe the pain he was in. From the first day in hospital, the charlatans kept away from him, they abandoned him. There were five of them. A couple practicing iridology and a doctor called T.J. managed to indoctrinate him and push him onto this road of death with incredible pain. They are numerous – those responsible for making him refuse a conventional therapy.

My brother died in May 2008 at the age of 42 years.[39]

The method of „Biological Decoding“ is very popular in France. The term was coined by French nurse and author Christian Flèche. The current providers of this method (Marc Fréchet, Philippe Lévy, Christian Flèche etc.) explicitely refer to Hamer and his doctrine.

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