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Mike Brady and brother
Mike Brady with Inge Schneider (NET-Journal)
The "Perendev-Team" on their own website[1]

Perendev Group was a Munich-based company in the flaky industry of Free Energy and a supplier of esoteric health products. They also maintained a branch office in Switzerland. Perendev Power Group originally went by the name of Power Developments (Pty) Ltd and was located in Johannesburg, South Africa. In April 2010, it became known that Perendev Power Holding AG was insolvent.[2] The website is no longer available and domain registration expired on March 5, 2011.[3] Due to legal proceedings abroad, Mike Brady was not in a position to attend to the company which presumably would become insolvent, an automated e-mail reply to an inquiry advised.[4].

The company had been founded by South African citizen Mike Brady, although a lawyer by the name of Hans Badenhorst also gets mentioned in connection with the company.

Previous investors and clients are said to have filed charges against Perendev and Brady since no delivery of goods was effected upon receipt of down payments. In September 2010, Brady – meanwhile under arrest – was put on trial in Munich[5] and convicted to 5 years and 9 months of imnprisonment for fraud in 36 cases and attempted fraud in 19 cases.[6] There is no neutral, external evidence for any of Perendev's wonder generators or for their statements. Public presentations of products offered had repeatedly been postponed (same as with Steorn). The websites of Perendev Group meticulously avoided mentioning concepts like 'Perpetual Motion' or 'Free Energy'. Perendev generally avoided to provide any reasonable explanation for the functioning of their generators.


Perendev Generator
Bogus "EMM-Motor" and uncritical description in NET-Journal (Quelle: NET-Journal No. 3/4, March/April 2007)
EMM prototype

Perendev Group advertised allegedly well functioning perpetual motion devices on their website which are said to be able to emit considerable output. Irish company Steorn claims to be able to offer similar products. The generators presented by Perendev are said to be permanent magnet and electromagnet generators with an output between 100 kW and 4 MW. According to Perendev, generators work in a so called self-runner mode and do not need external energy sources.

Independent surveys on the operation of the generators did not emerge.

Apart from free energy devices, Perendev also offers a nitrogen engine, which allegedly produces 60 kW and is powered by gas, thus must be regarded as a conventional engine. According to inventor Brady, 25 litres of nitrogen will be sufficient for a performance of 1,600 kilometers.[7]

Perendev offered investors to buy shares.[8][9]

Esoteric products in the health sector

Magnetic golden health-rings to ionize the blood

Perendev offers magnetic golden health-rings at 550 Euro allegedly ionizing the blood, which apparently will result in alleged health advantages for clients.

Advertising environment

The products of Perendev Group became well known through uncritical advertisements at NET-Journal[10] and Raum & Zeit magazine.[11]

Wolfgang Lißeck, cofounder of a small esoteric political party Die Violetten (Violet Party) and a member of DVR, uncritically promoted the concept of Perendev's alleged magnet-motors in a lecture titled: Freie Energie: Das Ende aller Energiesorgen?(Free Energy: End of all energy problems?) on Oct. 4, 2008.

Among the supporters of Brady was als Pure Energy Systems Network Inc. (PESN) founder Sterling Allan who organized an advertising trip to USA for Brady to present his nonworking Perendev-generators. Allan was also webmaster of the site "" and domain holder of "". Doug Furr of PESN (allegedly an engineer) is said to have build a 4:1 replica of a Perendev-Wondergenerator for advertising purposes of the Perendev Group. The replica unsurprisingly did not work as expected.

Typical offer

German citation:
Sehr geehrter Interessent, wir bieten Ihnen an wie folgt:
300 kW Elektro-Magnet-Motor zu einem Preis von 45.800,00 Euro zzgl. MwSt und Transport
Technische Daten
Maße 1.6m lang; 1.2m breit; 1.4m hoch
Gewicht 1350 kg + Abhängigkeit von Konfiguration und Leistung max. 290 kWh permanent 2 x 1
Anschlusseinfassung 3 x 240 Volt ; 1 x 400 Volt
Geräuschpegel 30 dBa
Temperatur 30 °C im Leerlauf
Strahlung nein, durch das Gehäuse wird jede mögliche Strahlung nach Außen abgeschirmt
Generatoren AEG, Bosch oder Hitachi (je nach Modell oder Verwendungsart)
Wechselstromerzeuger 1500 U/min für 50 Hz ; 1800 U/min für 60 Hz
Allg. Geschäftsbedingungen zu Anschaffung und Nutzung
1.)Bei Bestellung 50% Anzahlung, zahlbar innerhalb 14 Tagen, rein Zahlung netto
2.) Bei Lieferung 50% sofort fällig, rein netto
•Die Lieferzeit beträgt 9 – 12 Monate nach Zahlungseingang
•Der Kunde erwirbt zu keiner Zeit das Eigentum an dem Gerät, sondern ein Nutzungsrecht ab Aufstellung. Hierzu wird ein Leasingvertrag bei Aufstellung geschlossen.
•Vor Bestellung hat der Interessent kein Anrecht ein Gerät in laufendem Betrieb anzuschauen
•Bei Stornierung des Auftrages werden 7% vom Nettobetrag der Anzahlung, zzgl. verursachter Bankkosten einbehalten
•Die gesetzliche Garantie beträgt 5 Jahre, die Lebensdauer 25 Jahre
Die Auftragsannahme erfolgt per Mail:
Bei weiteren Fragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung.
Mit freundlichem Gruß
Perendev Power Holding AG
Michael J. Brady
Und hier gehts zu den Infos:

Reports of fraud

Norwegian citizen Torbjørn Homelien, of Aqua GEN AS, ordered a "free energy generator" from Perendev which was said to be able to produce an output of 6 kilowatts for an indefinite period of time. He transfered the amount of 6.000 US-Dollars and was advised the generator was going to be delivered two months later. Delivery did not materialize and no explanation was offered. Mr. Homelien managed to contact Mike Brady by phone, only to be put off several times. One excuse mentioned were alleged improvements currently implemented. Eventually, the client attempted to sue Perendev. He also reported to have received threatening phone-calls from Brady.[12]

According to German newspaper "Münchner Abendblatt", a total of 41 persons were cheated out of an overall amount of one million Euro by effecting payments to Perendev Power without receiving „free energy“ generators in return. The Munich Perendev Group subsidiary is not available by phone any longer. Brady defected to Wollerau, Switzerland (canton Schwyz) in 2007. He was arrested in his home on March 29, 2010 due to a warrant issued by Munich public prosecution for continued fraud and extradited to Germany.

Perendev-Patente oder Anmeldungen

  • NITROGEN MOTOR, WO2007057039, Inventor: Mike Brady
  • PERMANENT MAGNET MACHINE, WO2006045333, Inventor: Mike Brady (abgelehntes Patent)


  • Perendev Energy Power GmbH, Südliche Münchner Str. 19, D 82031 Gruenwald (bei München)
  • Perendev-Power, Bomhardstr. 14, 82031 Gruenwald
  • Roosstrasse 23, Office 203 Roospark, CH-8832 Wollerau

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  9. Das finanzielle Ziel
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    Das Gebäude soll nicht nur die Verwaltung sondern auch eine Elektronikabteilung aufnehmen, die die Fertigung der Steuergeräte für die Magnetmotoren sowie die der Hochfrequenzgeräte übernimmt, die für die Wasserstoffaggregate erforderlich sind. PERENDEV besitzt 26 % der Aktien des Holdingunternehmens, die zu 1 Million pro 1 %, was 1000 Anteilscheinen entspricht, zum Verkauf gebracht werden sollen. Die Preisbildung ist unter Berücksichtigung der bereits erteilten sowie der potentiellen Aufträge, etwa 70’000 mit einem Wert von etwa 1,7 Milliarden Euro, ermittelt worden. Der Wert der weltweiten Lizenzverträge beträgt etwa 2,7 Milliarden Euro.
    Kleine Beteiligungen
    PERENDEV geht davon aus, dass auch der Mann auf der Strasse seinen Teil zur Rettung unseres Planeten beitragen möchte und hat daher entschieden, auch kleinere Beteiligungen mit einem Betrag ab 100 Tausend Euro (100 Anteile an dem Holdingunternehmen) zu ermöglichen.