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Raum & Zeit [Space & Time] is the title of a pseudoscientific journal, dedicated to uncritical coverage of esotericism, alternative medicine, and conspiracy theories. 'Raum & Zeit' is published bimonthly by one Käthe Ehlers of Ehlers Verlag. According to their own figures, the print run amounts to 30,000 copies. An internet shop offers products based on the pseudoscientific claims propagated in the journal's articles. Stories published in 'Raum & Zeit' e.g. claimed it has been raining blood in Lapland, that satellite pictures of the North Pole (which is covered by the sea) showed openings to a Hollow Earth, and that barcodes emitted harmful radiation.

Typical Topics

Typical writers

Topics related to crime

Several articles in Raum&Zeit propagate criminal activities:

  • Ryke Geerd Hamer has been convicted several times
  • LESA is investigated by public prosecution (as of 01/2011)
  • Hartmut Müller is indicted for aiding and abetting fraud (as of 5/2011)
  • Mike Brady is imprisoned in Munich (as of May 2011)
  • Stefan Lanka has been prosecuted several times for libel and related offences

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  1. Claus W. Turtur:vacuum energy - how it becomes usable, Raum & Zeit Issue 170 (2011)
  2. HIV - Reality or Artefact? Raum & Zeit, 1995. Die fundamentalen Fehlannahmen der Gentechnik (The fundamental misconceptions of genetic engineering), Raum & Zeit, 1997