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Duncan M. Roads
Thomas Kirschner

NEXUS Magazine is a bi-monthly publication covering esoteric, fringe science/pseudoscience, alternative medicine and conspiracy theory topics in an uncritical way. Nexus Magazine started in Australia in 1986 and is now on sale in shops across Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK, France, Italy, Holland, Greece, Poland, Croatia, Japan, Romania, Serbia, and Russia. Nexus has also been translated to Swedish, Korean, and Japanese.

Current owner is one Duncan M. Roads from Australia.[1] Publisher and distributor of the English version is one Marcus Allen. Roads as well as Allen are staunch supporters of Moon landing conspiracy theories. Publisher and distributor of the German Nexus magazine is one Thomas Kirschner, founder of the Mosquito Verlag ("Mosquito Pulishing", also Mobiwell Verlag).


Nexus comes up with the usual clichés: free energy, Aids is a lie[2], vaccination is dangerous[3], MMS2[4][5][6], UFOs, Chemtrails and many more. The same topics are covered by various other journals too, for example Raum & Zeit.


When Nexus Magazine published an excerpt from the book The Money Makers: How International Bankers Gained Control, this was seen as an example of Anti-Semitic Incidents by the Israeli government in 1999.[7]

Proximity to the Australian extreme right in the 1990ies was also an issue in Nexus reviews. In 1995, Nexus published advertisements of the "Loyal Regiment of Australian Guardians," an armed extreme right militia.[8]

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