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Advertisement on Yatego with reference to Jim Humble

MMS2 (Miracle Mineral Supplement two resp. Miracle Mineral Solution 2) is the brand name of a product containing Calcium hypochlorite which is offered on various internet sites for pseudomedical applications. US-american citizen Jim Humble is the inventor of this advanced vision MMS2. Humble already became known in connection with the corresponding snake oil Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS or E 926, respectively) which meanwhile is also referred to as MMS1. In order to prevent negative effects to MMS sales, MMS2 is labelled as being as good and complementary to MMS. A combined application of the two products (i.e. chlorine dioxide, calcium chlorite and citric acid) is advocated for alleged synergistic effects.

Mail order companies offer these products in small quantities at high prices. For example, one company sells 0,6 gram at € 28. In contrast, building supply stores provide cheap bulk packs for owners of private swimming pools which only cost a few Euros.

Suppliers operate outside of Germany. They explicitly refer to Jim Humble and offer the products for internal use. In Germany, MMS2 is also offered as "chemical" for "disinfection of swimming pools", again with reference to Jim Humble.

There is no known scientific study or literature dealing with oral ingestion of MMS2 which proves it a suitable cure for any kind of illness.

MMS2 has been solicited, without any critical checking, in the German NEXUS Magazine.[1]

Calcium Hypochlorite

Application notes for MMS on the internet site of the company Luxusline LTD[2]

Calcium hypochlorite is the calcium salt of Hypochlorous acid (Ca(OCl)2). This substance is corrosive and harmful to the environment. It is also known as Losantin or Perchloron and, more than 100 years ago, was used for disinfection of the skin. It became known in the 19th century when Austrian gynecologist Ignaz Semmelweis applied it externally for its disinfectant effect. Since it is badly tolerated by the skin, it has since long been replaced by more tolerable and more effective substances. There are no documents on the oral administration of calcium hypochlorite for medical purposes.

Calcium chloride has a penetrating smell of chlorine and was used as bleaching agent in the paper industry. For reasons of environmental protection it is more and more replaced by other substances. Currently it is still used as a swimming pool disinfectant.

Legal Situation

Notes on buying MMS on the web site of Vitapack (via Yatego)

MMS2 is neither an approved drug nor a dietary supplement.

In an apparent attempt to side-step legal obstacles, some suppliers advertise MMS2 as an alleged "water disinfectant" for animals. Others operate from abroad, e.g Gerd Löning, who works from the Canary Islands[3], but come right to the point and advise oral ingestion of the product since, according to their advertisements, it kills germs, viruses and bacteria. This is usually combined with positive anecdotes of successful healings. Such healings would notably be reached when combining MMS with MMS2. In the meantime, internet sale of Spanish MMS analogue has been forbidden.

Vitapack company[4] sells MMS2 via Yatego as mail-order. The product is sold as a "chemical" at a price of 52,43 € / 100 g and, in accordance with European Regulation (1907/2006/EG, article 31) is delivered with a material data safety sheet. Their advertisement contains amazing claims: Customers e.g. are told that calcium hypochlorite is used for "chemical water purification in swimming-pools" and, being a bacterizide disinfectant and strong oxidant, kills microbes, parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Quotation: ATTENTION - MMS2 is only approved for water disinfection. baua [i.e. German Federal Institute for Occupational Safety and Health] Reg.-No. N-38484... American citizen Jim Humble, Dutch biologist Ferry Staal and others acknowledge MMS2 for this purpose, without giving any source for the latter information. Referring to Jim Humble who recommends MMS2 for internal use (so to speak for "inner disinfection") is a clear contradiction to the first statement. Vitapack also points out: since there is no legal security for this product, statements given after a quality check of the supplies available in public trade must be considered dubious. Goods will be delivered only after having received a written confirmation that the customer is over 18 years with a further assurance „no unauthorized resale or use“ will occur.

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