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The Sodium Bicarbonate Cancer Therapy according to Tullio Simoncini (also known as bica, bicarb or bicarb soda) is a pseudomedical cancer therapy which must be considered one of the most ineffective and absurd methods claiming to cure cancer patients. This method is not only futile for the patient, but also very expensive.

The treatment was invented by former Italian physician Tullio Simoncini. In his home country, Tullio Simoncini was banned from medical profession for life and convicted for fraud in three instances, for selling unproven medical treatments. In 2003, after the death of a patient whom he had treated with sodium bicarbonate, he was convicted for wrongful death. [1] Tullio Simoncini claims that cancer is nothing more than a fungus – the fungus candida albicans to be precise – and that it can be cured with baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) only. To explain the fungus, Simoncini argues this was due to “excess acidity” of the body, which allowed the fungus free reign.

Simoncini's theories are not compatible with knowledge of modern medicine. There is no scientific evidence to underpin his hypothesis, and scientific studies showing any positive effect of the treatment are also non-existent. His opinion may be compared to the opinions of Bavarian physician Alfons Weber, who was convinced that cancer originates from protozoe, and consequently treated his cancer patients with anti-malaria drugs - to no effect. He also believed in the concept of Historic Pleomorphism of 19th/20th century.

The sodium bicarbonate therapy according to Simoncini was met with uncritical resonance in NEXUS Magazine[2]. It was advertised in Germany by the association Menschen gegen Krebs of former nurse Lothar Hirneise[3] and was taught during a chargeable workshop by this association. The Simoncini Doctrine is advertised in several languages via the private website of Simoncini hosted in the Netherlands.


Simoncini is erroneously convinced that cancer was caused by the fungus candida albicans. Therefore, he views cancer as an infectious disease (mycosis). But instead of using effective anti-mycotic drugs, Simoncini recommends and uses sodium bicarbonate. Sodium bicarbonate can be found in many households as baking powder and is a cheap substance. Sodium bicarbonate is not a registered cancer drug, and is only used in intensive care to combat acidosis. Simoncini is convinced he can "heal" about 80% of all cancer cases with sodium bicarbonate.

Simoncini finds his customers and patients through the internet. Journalists of Italian RAI television (transmission striscia la notizia) were able to film Simoncini with a hidden camera, showing how he treated cancer patients with sodium bicarbonate without adding the Italian VAT tax. A sodium bicarbonate therapy amounted to 7.750 Euro, and a room in his private clinic costs 3.700 Euro.

His method was also popular in the Netherlands, where he fled after his conviction in Italy.

Inventor Tullio Simoncini

Tullio Simoncini

Tullio Simoncini is a Roman physician banned from this profession, and businessman and president of a private association Associazione italiana Fungo è Tumore (A.I.F.è.T.), (i.e. Italian Association Fungus and Cancer). No publication of Simoncini's can be found in any scientific databases until today (2010).

After several deaths occurred following a sodium bicarbonate therapy, Simoncini was sued by families of the victims. He lost his medical approbation and was convicted of fraud in three cases and of wrongful death in one case in 2003. His brother, Angelo Simoncini (also a physician), was convicted of fraud, too. His name has also been cancelled from the list of Italian accredited physicians.

First known victims

The first victim to be known was Massimo Civetta, a 34 year old man diagnosed with terminal intestinal cancer. After an infusion with sodium bicarbonate, his bowels perforated and he died. Simoncini was convicted to 3 years in jail for manslaughter. He was not convicted for causing the deaths of Maria Grazia Canegrate and Grace Cicciari, in these cases he was just convicted for fraud.[4]

Unknown victims

Another victim, a U.S. citizen, was diagnosed with a likely glioblastoma near his speech center and his family paid approximately 28,000 Euros to Simoncini. In the course of treatment the patient developed a massive brain hemorrhage and suffered a heart attack. Subsequently he was declared brain dead, and life support was removed.[5][6]

Sylvia Trachsler

Sylvia Trachsler (picture:

Female breast cancer patient Sylvia Trachsler[7] died 8 October 2007 in the Netherlands at the age of 58, after having received daily sodium bicarbonate infusions in an alternative clinic, the Kliniek voor Preventieve Geneeskunde Berg en Bosch (KPG) in Bilthoven.[8][9][10] Her friend Peter (Peter M.) started a search for other patients who had been treated according to the Simoncini protocol.[11] Sylvia died of heart failure, but the exact cause of her unnatural death could not be established. After her death, the Dutch health authorities intervened and banned the treatment.[12]

Marjolein Bouwman

Marjolein Bouwman 02-01-1983 – 02-11-2008

Bouwman, a Dutch citizen, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and advised to take conventional therapy. She decided to go with Simoncini's therapy instead. After several injections of sodium bicarbonate, Simoncini declared her completely cured. Bouwman became a passionate advertiser of his methods. A few months later, Marjolein learned Simoncini had deceived her and that she had not been cured at all. At that time, her tumour had already metastasized extensively. She died November 2, 2008. Marjolein was only 25 years old and the mother of a young son.[13]


A young Italian woman named Aysha was diagnosed with cancer in her right breast in 2006 (she had been diagnosed with cancer in her left breast in 2004 and received conventional treatment then) and decided for a treatment with Simoncini. She became a member of an alternative medicine forum dedicated to Simoncini's methods and was treated nicely at first. However, when her health declined and she developed sores and open wounds, said "I see no improvement at all, the whole area is red and it reaches almost to the left side.", and started to doubt the treatment, behaviour towards Aysha changed.

Employees of Simoncini, who were among the forum members, insinuated that Aysha did not follow Simonicini's treatment correctly and was inventing allegations to put the blame on Simoncini. As they contended, if someone did not recover, it had to be their own fault. When, after consulting her oncologist, she started to ask inconvenient questions, she was banned and most of her postings deleted.

Aysha died in October 2008.[14][15]

Robert Fyvie

Robert Fyvie (gest. 6. August 2010)

Robert Fyvie, from Musselburgh (Scotland), was diagnosed with bowel cancer in 2006 which was removed by an operation. The tumour spread to his liver and was rated inoperable. Fyvie rejected chemotherapy, declaring it would weaken his immune system, and spent 12 weeks in Thailand taking herbal medicines instead. In the end, doctors gave him between six and, at the most, eight months to live. In a last-ditch effort, Mr Fyvie's family and friends raised € 10,000 for treatment by Simoncini and sent him to Rome. After 5 months, Roberty Fyvie, aged 54, died August 6, 2010. The family was devastated because the treatment didn't prolong his life at all.[16][17]

Brian Haw

Brian William Haw(gest. 18. Juni 2011)

English pacifist Brian William Haw died of lung cancer on June 18, 2011. He spent the last months of his life at an unknown location in Berlin where he was treated with the method of Simoncini as well as with Vitamin-C-infusions. According to information from English press, conspiracy theorist and author David Icke influenced him to be medicated with a "revolutionary treatment". Icke appealed for funds for the treatment on his site, since patients have to bear the costs of the treatment due to its ineffectiveness.[18]

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