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Victims of New Medicine

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[[image:Maresa.jpg|Maresa L. (Bergamo)|thumb]]
Mrs. Maresa&nbsp;T.&nbsp;L.<ref>Name and address are known. Maresa's family asked us not to publish her name for the time being. A contact via email can be established.</ref> was born in 1959 and worked as chemist in Bergamo (Italy). In 2007, she died of breast cancer at the age of&nbsp;48. She had taken a three year formation course in New Medicine in Aulla (Liguria). In 2004, she was aware of a suspicious histological diagnostic result, but strictly refused any medical intervention, believing solely in New Medicine. She also refused any further diagnostic procedures. She left her job as a chemist and became a Tai-Chi teacher. She was in contact with a local physiotherapist (P.&nbsp;P.<ref>name is known</ref>) in Bergamo and the president of GNM association ALBA, Marco Pfister. According to her relatives, she talked to Pfister on the phone almost every day (Pfister has no known medical degree or license). In June 2007, her breast cancer was growing and she started to suffer more and more. In August, she developed an icterus, her skin took on a yellow colour. Marco Pfister told her this was a symptom of recovery, and her yellow skin in reality was caused by her anger not to be able to visit Ischia island during her holidays where she had rented a vacation house. An operation was only of use for ''esthetic reasons'', Pfister advised. Her left breast meanwhile showed several large tumours. On August&nbsp;27, she was admitted to a local hospital (Ospedali Riuniti di Bergamo) as an emergency case and received a blood donation. There were several metastases in her body. In the afternoon of August&nbsp;28, she died after days of horrible pain.<ref>article in newspaper Libero September&nbsp;29, 2007</ref><ref></ref>
==Elsemarit Fjeldheim (Norway 2005)==
Norwegian Elsemarit Fjeldheim died of breast cancer at the age of&nbsp;52 in 2006. Initially, her doctor had given her a good prognosis. But she rejected any conventional medical treatment. In her private diary, Fjeldheim wrote she heard about New Medicine by Ryke Geerd Hamer in Norway and asked her doctor to be treated according to the principles of New Medicine by two Norwegian therapists: Bent Madsen and Dagfrid Kolas. Her doctor agreed. Mrs Fjeldheim was then treated by these two persons and was presented in public for a living example for a successful cancer treatment by New Medicine. Mrs Fjeldheim was assured recovery from her disease, but finally died one year after she began the New Medicine treatment.<ref>newspaper article in Verdens Gang, day&nbsp;25 and&nbsp;26 of March 2007</ref>
==The Rossaro cases in Vicenza and Padova (Italy)==

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