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Victims of New Medicine

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Sören Wechselbaum was 35 years of age in 2002 when he began to suffer from testicular cancer. According to his mother Christa Wechselbaum, her son was a strict follower of New Medicine until the day before his death, and rejected any help or therapy by conventional medicine. Testicular cancer, however, is one of the cancers which can be cured very successfully by modern medicine, the prognosis is around 90% today. Ryke Geerd Hamer himself also suffered from testicular cancer in 1979, preferred to be cured by conventional medicine and is still alive (in 2008, 28 years later). Sören on the other hand died, and one day before his death admitted he committed an error preferring New Medicine. He said so to a close friend. His mother is one of the strictest opponents of Hamer's New Medicine in Germany organizing public demonstrations.
==2004: Carmen (Germany)==
Carmen began to suffer from breast cancer in 2003, an intraductal carcinoma. Details of her suffering were made public in a television broadcast by her sister&nbsp;K.<ref>TV station RBB (radio Berlin-Brandenburg ARD member) transmission ''Kontraste'' August&nbsp;9, 2007</ref> and in forum messages by her boyfriend Erik Stolz<ref></ref>. She eventually died at the age of&nbsp;33. Together with her boyfriend Erik, she was known for a follower of New Medicine and therefore refused any conventional medical treatment.

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