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John Bedini

John Bedini is a US electrical engineer, businessman, and developer of snake oil products like Free Energy Generators, which are claimed to provide unlimited amounts of energy in the way of Perpetual Motion machines. He is the owner of Bedini Electronics Inc. in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho[1] and a co-owner of Energenx Inc. in Hayden (Idaho 83835)[2], which claims to sell revolutionary battery chargers.


Bedini Clarifier (199 Dollar)
  • Bedini has invented an "Audio Spectral Enhancer", a device that allegedly improves low-frequency signals in electro-acustic systems. He filed several patents for this technology.[3][4][5][6]
  • The "Compact Disc Clarifier" is a further Bedini invention sold through his company. He claims that the CD clarifier improves the quality of sound and videos on DVD by bathing it in an "electromagnetic field". The device, however, lacks a physically comprehensible concept and thus came under criticism by experts.[7] Bedini Electronics Inc. later on proclaimed the device allegedly removed electrostatic charges jamming the rendition. This happens to be irrelevant since CDs and DVDs are scanned optically.
  • Bedini also invented miracle battery chargers which allegedly consume less energy then they charge into a battery. He also sells battery refreshers. High pulsed currents are said to counter sulphation often occuring in spent lead acid accumulators.

Bedini and Free Energy Generators


His private website [8] displays construction plans for various kinds of Perpetual Motion devices which claim to create energy out of thin air. Bedini has filed several patents for these devices.[9][10][11][12][13] Having been granted a patent, however, does not imply in any way the device and its underlying principle will function according to the claims of its inventor.

Bedini's Free Energy Generators were e.g. promoted by German language Secret TV and by RAFÖG, a development fund for space energy.[14]

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