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John Bedini and Tom Bearden

Thomas E. Bearden (Tom Bearden) is a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the U.S. Army, conspiracy theoretician, and author who claims that unlimited energy can be won from vacuum free energy-machines.[1] perpetual motion enthusiast Bearden who cooperates with John Bedini advocates a scalar field theory which is allegedly based on Tesla's research. [2]

Tom Bearden does not hold an academic degree in physics and his theories reveal a lack of understanding regarding many laws of physics. Various websites claim Bearden was a mathematician or nuclear physicist. In 2001, Bearden himself claimed to hold a doctorate and signed "Tom Bearden, Phd".[3] Investigations conducted by the "Skeptical Inquirer" revealed Bearden had bought this Ph.D. from diploma mill "Trinity College and University" — a British institution with no campus, faculties, or staff, operating with a post office box in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The institution’s owner, one Albert Wainwright, contends he was the college "registrant".[4] The diploma mill later changed its name to "Bronte International University".

Free Energy Activities

Erfindung MEG

Bearden was among the inventors of the "motionless electromagnetic generator" (MEG), a perpetual motion device which allegedly creates a hundred times more energy than it consumes. The "energy source" is claimed to be "vacuum energy" and the design is similar to a simple transformator. He never provided any evidence the generator actually works. While a patent was granted[5], a patent in no way implies the device will produce energy. The term "patented" simply means that a device was registered with the appropriate US government authorities, nothing more. The product or idea is not endorsed in any way, nor does the term indicate the device will work — at all. Promised commercial activities and public presentations of the MEG were never realized.

The MEG was never put into production. In January 2005, Tom Bearden claimed he needed about $11 million to develop a viable commercial form within one year.[6] In May 2005, he announced the 'last working demonstrator was promptly destroyed' by new staff.[7] In 2009, he claimed that development was "on hold" pending the release of funds from the UN[8]. As of 2011, the MEG is still not in production.

A further so called "overunity" machine of Bearden is The Magnetic Wankel Engine a.k.a. Takahashi Motor which, according to Bearden, was actively suppressed by Japanese corporations[9]

Views on Health

Bearden claims it was possible to use electromagnetic fields for healing to cure AIDS and cancer.[10] He also claims that dangerous EM weapons may be used to create flesh eating diseases:[11][12]

"It is my impression that the French Government did finally recognize how at least part of the Prioré process worked, and weaponized it as longitudinal EM wave interferometers. In fact every nuclear weapon on the planet, along with every nuclear powerplant, every nuclear propulsion system, etc. can be dudded in about 10 minutes by one class of these weapons."

He has not listed any reputable sources for these claims.

According to Bearden, HIV was created artificially by the U.S. bioweapons' program[13]

Conspiracy Theories

Bearden believes that governments and secret organisations control various secret technologies without the knowledge of the common people. Among these technologies are perpetual motion devices which he believes were made possible by Maxwell's Theories (which have been altered and curtailed to suppress the information). Beardon contends later interpretations and 'vectorisations' by Heaviside and Lorentz were suppressed by the banker J. P. Morgan.[14] Nikola Tesla, Beardon claims, was the only person who had true knowledge about those secret technologies.

He also claims that the Chernobyl catastrophe in 1986 was caused by a failure of an over-the-horizon radar (Woodpecker station), a giant scalar wave transmitter, which caused a subsequent discharge of a standing scalar EM wave.[15]

Furthermore, he believes that Russia caused the crash of the space shuttle "Challenger" with a Scalar EM Weapon and also has caused several earthquakes. Beardon also claims that the tsunami in Southeast Asia in 2004 was caused by Japan.[16]


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