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Template to link versions of an article in other languages

This template allows to tag articles which have versions in other languages and to add links to them. You just need to specify the language and the title of the linked page. Please note that a parameter for the same language is discarded. This is more convenient for copy and paste between articles in different languages.

Please use this syntax:
{{OtherLang|ge=German title of the page|fr=French title of the page}}

Possible parameters are:

  • Language: en|ge|fr|it|nl|es|pl|ru|uk
  • Title of the page in the other wiki

Example article Ryke Geerd Hamer:
{{OtherLang|en=Ryke Geerd Hamer|ge=Ryke Geerd Hamer|fr=Ryke Geerd Hamer|it=Ryke Geerd Hamer}}