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Charles Virtue is the eldest son of Californian author and New Ager Doreen Virtue. According to his website, he has been in touch with angels since his early childhood[1].


He claims to have started to give spiritualist readings in his early 20s, using his mother's oracle card deck. He entered his mother's business, working for her for 7 years prior to establishing his own business.

There is no information available regarding a regular vocational training, while Virtue claims he is a Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner, a registered trademark owned by his mother. He has also got the right to grant this certificate.

Courses by Charles Virtue

Apart from courses for mediumship and spiritual teaching, he also offers certificates for Angel Therapy Practitioners. He offers two courses to become ATP® in contrast to his mother's one four-day course sold at US $ 1,900: A regular course taking but 3 days for about 800$ and an advanced two-day course. After attending these courses, a certificate will be granted to customers who can now allegedly communicate with angels and receive powers like spirit healing and clairvoyance from them[2]

The advanced course also teaches business aspects like payment, advertising, websites, books & publications, marketing, ...

It is also possible to book courses in Integrated Energy Therapy[3], a registered trademark by Stevan Thayer, via Virtue's website. This three-day course for $ 625 covers:

"healing with the energy of angels”®, is one of the next generation of hands on energy therapy systems. IET® uses the violet ray of the Nine Healing Angels of the human energy field and helps you release limiting patterns of the past to create balance in the present and empowerment in the future. It removes blocks in your physical and energetic bodies and imprints healing energy in their place."

"IET® works on your 12 strand Spiritual DNA, the Divine blueprint of your life. These strands of DNA are different from the physical DNA strands science reveals. In IET®, we learn that they correspond to the non physical part of ourselves and connect us to our higher consciousness. With each class, you will receive an attunement. IET® attunements are very powerful. Each one realigns and restructures one or more pairs of Spiritual DNA with these changes being permanent and ever expanding."


Together with his mother, Virtue authored the book Signs From Above[4], published by Hay House.


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