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Court slams deceptive infomercial marketers

A federal district court has ordered the marketers of Supreme Greens and "Coral Calcium" to pay large refunds. [Court rules in favor of FTC, Orders supplement marketers to pay nearly $70 million for consumer refunds. FTC news release, Aug 27, 2009] http://www.casewatch.org/ftc/news/2009/barrett.shtml In July 2008, the court concluded that Donald W. Barrett, his associate Robert Maihos, and two companies they control (Direct Marketing Concepts, Inc. and ITV Direct, Inc.) had deceptively claimed that Supreme Greens was effective against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis and would be absorbed better and faster than other calcium products. The court froze the defendants' assets, ordered them to pay $48.2 million for consumer refunds, and barred them from making deceptive claims or unauthorized credit or debit card charges in the future. In a separate but related judgment, after finding that they had misrepresented Coral Calcium, the court ordered Allen Stern and two companies he controls (King Media, Inc., and Triad ML Marketing, Inc.) to pay $20.4 million and to refrain from making unsubstantiated claims in the future. The FTC's lawsuit, filed in 2004, included other defendants who settled in 2005. [Developer and marketers of "Supreme Greens with MSM" settle FTC charges. FTC news release, Oct 6, 2005] http://www.casewatch.org/ftc/news/2005/supreme.shtml The FTC Web site has links to several of the court documents. http://www.ftc.gov/os/caselist/0233138/0233138.shtm

During the past ten years, Barrett and Kevin Trudeau have probably been the top producers of misleading health-related infomercials in the United States.