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von der IBC vergebenes vanity award "international Einstein Award"
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Biographie laut Firma IBC

IBC Proof Biography KEMPE, Hans-Joachim

Born 2. November 1946, Freital, Germany.

Scientist. Married with Sally, 4 sons, 1 daughter.

Education: Toolmaker diploma, Mechanical Engineering; Doctor of Naturopathy, Clayton College of Natural Health, 1989; MD, Immunology, 2001; Doctor of Law in Criminal Studies, specialised in Medical Malpractice, 2004; PhD, Biomedical Engineering, 2005.

Appointments: Mechanical Engineer, German Agriculture Company, Sidi-Bel-Abbes, Algeria, 1975-76; Technical Advisor, Maintenance Service, Venezuelan Navy; Professional Engineer, Caracas; Physicist, K&A Engineering, US Aerospace Industry USA, 1981-91; Design Specialist, Deutsch Company, Banning, California, 1983-85; Chief Engineer, Aero Electric Connector, 1988-91; Technical Consultant to companies including G&H Technology, General Dynamics and Kern Engineering; Vice President, Compumedic Lab Inc, 1992-; Chief of Staff, GKA Medical Centre, St Petersburg, 2002-; Medical Coordinator, Russia Health of Nation Program, 2002-; Professor/Chairman, Department of Preventive & Energy Medicine, Mindanao State University, 1997-2001; Founder, Research Institute of Modulated Energies and Private Clinic, Switzerland, 2000-06; Advisory Board Member, Founder, Forschungszentrum Prof. Kempe Germany, Cambridge Philosophical Institute, London/Zurich, 2002-;

Publications: Invented therapeutic-diagnostic GENOPULS System;

Discovered 62 elementary-frequencies as energy cell-building blocks and decoding of the energetic hereditary substance

                       formula [(m<e)a 2cxlfn108] of organic substances; 

Development of therapeutic PXL-100, GKA, Geno62-Best and GENOPULS System.

Honours: Medal, Outstanding Achievements in Science, IIU/Imperial College, Westminster, England, 2004; Lifework acknowledged by DUMA Russian Parliament, 2002; Cambridge, International Professional of the Year 2005; IBC Cambridge Blue Book, 2008, International Einstein Award 2009 in Biophysics; Medal of Honour of Science, Education & Culture, 2007, Belgium

Memberships: International Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg; International Academic Society; German Foundation of Cancer Research, 2000-; Vice President World Congress Advisory Board, 2006-; IBC Deputy Director General, 2005-;

Professor Hans-Joachim Kempe is a World-renowned Scientist, medical professional and Academician in the field of biomedical Engineering & Immunology, Inventor of the Genopuls-System;Â www.genopulstechnic.org

In 2007, he became the First Vice-President of the privileged European Academy of Informatization-AEI in Belgium and received with Honours his International PhD, Grand PhD and Full Professorship. Prof. Kempe is President/CEO of Genopuls Technic LLC; Chief Scientist of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (Forschungszentrum Prof. Kempe GbR- Germany).

Angaben zur käuflich erworbenen scheinakademischen Titeln

Here's something we know from the St. Regis buyers list, initially released by the Oregon AG's office. (They got it from the US Secret Service) and then subsequently released by the WA AG's office.

From documents assigned Bates numbers 613975A-613977A, 616777A - 616779A we find Kempe, Hans-Joachim: four degrees, purchased through two WorldPay payments. Payments: $1,990 and $3,245, summing to $5,235. Degrees purchased: BS in Physics, dated 1984; MS in Physics, dated 1987; PhD in Biophysics, dated 1992; PhD in Biomedical Engineering, dated 2001.

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