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Biographie laut Firma IBC

IBC Proof Biography KEMPE, Hans-Joachim

Born 2. November 1946, Freital, Germany.

Scientist. Married with Sally, 4 sons, 1 daughter.

Education: Toolmaker diploma, Mechanical Engineering; Doctor of Naturopathy, Clayton College of Natural Health, 1989; MD, Immunology, 2001; Doctor of Law in Criminal Studies, specialised in Medical Malpractice, 2004; PhD, Biomedical Engineering, 2005.

Appointments: Mechanical Engineer, German Agriculture Company, Sidi-Bel-Abbes, Algeria, 1975-76; Technical Advisor, Maintenance Service, Venezuelan Navy; Professional Engineer, Caracas; Physicist, K&A Engineering, US Aerospace Industry USA, 1981-91; Design Specialist, Deutsch Company, Banning, California, 1983-85; Chief Engineer, Aero Electric Connector, 1988-91; Technical Consultant to companies including G&H Technology, General Dynamics and Kern Engineering; Vice President, Compumedic Lab Inc, 1992-; Chief of Staff, GKA Medical Centre, St Petersburg, 2002-; Medical Coordinator, Russia Health of Nation Program, 2002-; Professor/Chairman, Department of Preventive & Energy Medicine, Mindanao State University, 1997-2001; Founder, Research Institute of Modulated Energies and Private Clinic, Switzerland, 2000-06; Advisory Board Member, Founder, Forschungszentrum Prof. Kempe Germany, Cambridge Philosophical Institute, London/Zurich, 2002-;

Publications: Invented therapeutic-diagnostic GENOPULS System;

Discovered 62 elementary-frequencies as energy cell-building blocks and decoding of the energetic hereditary substance formula [(m<e)a 2cxlfn108] of organic substances;

Development of therapeutic PXL-100, GKA, Geno62-Best and GENOPULS System.

Honours: Medal, Outstanding Achievements in Science, IIU/Imperial College, Westminster, England, 2004; Lifework acknowledged by DUMA Russian Parliament, 2002; Cambridge, International Professional of the Year 2005; IBC Cambridge Blue Book, 2008, International Einstein Award 2009 in Biophysics; Medal of Honour of Science, Education & Culture, 2007, Belgium

Memberships: International Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg; International Academic Society; German Foundation of Cancer Research, 2000-; Vice President World Congress Advisory Board, 2006-; IBC Deputy Director General, 2005-;

Professor Hans-Joachim Kempe is a World-renowned Scientist, medical professional and Academician in the field of biomedical Engineering & Immunology, Inventor of the Genopuls-System;Â www.genopulstechnic.org

In 2007, he became the First Vice-President of the privileged European Academy of Informatization-AEI in Belgium and received with Honours his International PhD, Grand PhD and Full Professorship. Prof. Kempe is President/CEO of Genopuls Technic LLC; Chief Scientist of the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (Forschungszentrum Prof. Kempe GbR- Germany).

Angaben zur käuflich erworbenen scheinakademischen Titeln

Here's something we know from the St. Regis buyers list, initially released by the Oregon AG's office. (They got it from the US Secret Service) and then subsequently released by the WA AG's office.

From documents assigned Bates numbers 613975A-613977A, 616777A - 616779A we find Kempe, Hans-Joachim: four degrees, purchased through two WorldPay payments. Payments: $1,990 and $3,245, summing to $5,235. Degrees purchased: BS in Physics, dated 1984; MS in Physics, dated 1987; PhD in Biophysics, dated 1992; PhD in Biomedical Engineering, dated 2001.

The First Vice-President of the AEI, Hans-Joachim Kempe, PhD, Grand PhD, Prof The Biography of Hans-Joachim Kempe (DOB 02.Nov.1946)

Professor Hans J. Kempe is an internationally renowned scientist in the field of Biomedical Engineering; a Medical Professional specialized in Immunology; Private Docent; Chairman of the Board of Trusties of the Irish International University-European Union, and Deputy Director General of the International Biographical Centre from Cambridge in Germany.

In 2007, he became Vice President of the World Congress Recognition Board for Art, Science and Communication with Headquarter in Cambridge, England.

In 2007, he became the First Vice-President of the privileged European Academy of Informatization-AEI in Belgium and received with Honours his International PhD, Grand PhD and Full Professorship

Dr. Hans Kempe obtained a professional diploma as Toolmaker in 1964, diplomas in Mechanical Engineering in 1970; Physics in 1979 and an earned a N.D. (Doctor of Naturopathy) from the privileged Clayton College of Natural Health in 1989. After working in the medical field as research scientist for over 15 years, Dr. Kempe studied a M.D./ Ph.D. Programme in 1997 and earned his M.D. in the field of Immunology in 2001 and a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering in 2004. During his work in the US-Aerospace in 1982, he studied Theology in San Diego to found the Answer of Dr. Einsteins Question of How God Created the World!. Since 2003, he is Senior Bishop at the PECC (Philippine Ecumenical Christian Church) and diplomatically appointed to the Vatican as Leader of the Ecumenical Bishop Council.

In 1996, he was appointed as Professor/Chairman, Department Preventive & Energy Medicine at the Mindanao State University, Republic of the Philippines. He installed the Medical Faculty and Research Facility and was 2006 granted Royal Enthronement from the Federated Royal Sultanate League of the Philippines Royal House of Iligan/Pilimpinas as Senior Datu a Mangompia with the Royal Title as HRH Datu Hans Ibn Sina Prof.Dr. Joachim AL-Kempe sa Iligan-Pilimpinas. HRH Datu Dr. Hans is Private Physician to HRH Grand Sultan AL-Camama sa Iligan and Chief of Staff of the Islamic Medical Centre.

In September of 2004, Dr. Kempe received the highest academic medal for "Outstanding Achievements in Science" at the IIU/ Imperial College in Westminster/England for his invention of the GENOPULS-System. Acknowledging his 25 years of Research, he received in 2005 the honours of being "International Professional of the Year 2005"; "Leading Scientist 2006 in the Field of Biomedical Engineering" and "Outstanding Intellectuals of the 21st Century" from the International Biographical Centre Cambridge/England. He is listed in the Cambridge Blue Book 2007 as Scientist in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

Dr. Kempe was born 1946 in Germany, with dual citizenship as a German and Venezuelan and Residency in Switzerland, Russia, USA and Philippines.

His mother was a German Lady and his father a Russian General, who freed Saxony from the Nazis in 1945. He is married to HRM Queen Salvacion Legaspi AL-Kempe sa Iligan /Mindanao (Queen of Mindanao) and has 5 children age 4 to 40. He has 4 Grandchildren.

Dr. Kempe speaks fluent German, English, and Spanish. He is healthy, a workaholic, with hobbies in the field of classical music & cooking!

Escaping from Communist East Germany 1972, he went to Venezuela as his country of choice to live and work. Being a highly skilled mechanical engineer, he took 1975 a one year contract by the German firm Philip Holzmann AG to supervise the construction of the Oil pipeline for the newly build Refinery between Oran-Bethiua in Algerian/Africa.

Back to Venezuela, he became the Advisor for Maintenance Service for the Venezuelan NAVY and in 1977, he teamed up with a group of experts to rebuild the Nitro-Glycerine Plant (German build plant by Kraftwerks Union Berlin) in Moron. In 1978, he formed the company OSOCO and patented the MS-2 and MS-5, named Water & Soil Cleaning System, a cleaning and preventive Solution after Oil-tanker accidents.. Companies such as Siemens AG(electrical support) and Thyssen-Krupp AG (oil-mob design support) participate on the Prototypes and production for the next 12 years.

Visible highlight of his work as Engineer in Caracas/Venezuela was the Landmark Design and Construction of the 60 diameter Aluminium Dom for the Culture Centre, the Heliceute! During this time, he studied Physics and presented his Dissertation, named CIUM (Creative-Intelligent-Universal-Matter), which influenced his professional life as scientist up to these days.

After graduation, he took 1981 a job offer as Physicist in the United States of America.

Dr. Kempe worked from 1981 to 1991 as lead scientist for the US-Aerospace through K&A Engineering (classified information); was design specialist 1983-85 for the DEUTSCH Company in Banning/CA; from 1988 to 1991 Chief Engineer of Aero Electric Connector and technical consultant to companies like G&H Technology, General Dynamics and Kern Engineering.

Guided by the programmes of the Companies he worked for, Dr. Kempe studies with several Universities in the United State of America, England and Russia Biophysics and Energy Medicine (distance learning programmes), which paved the way for his research of the modulation of the genetic-biophysical characteristics of the human cell. His revolutionary discovery of the 62 elementary-frequencies as cell-building blocks and the decoding of the energetic hereditary substance formula [(m:e)2cx]108 of organic substances, led him to the development of the therapeutic PXL-100, GKA and GENOPULS-System. (Electronically generated Gene-oriented-Impulse, the so called tracking switches for the cell regeneration process and electronically on-off switches of Gene programmes)

After leaving the Aerospace industry in 1991, he went to San Jose/California and teamed up with experts in the field of electronics and designing of scientific-medical equipments. In 1992, he became Vice-President of Compumedic Lab, Inc. Under his leadership, medical therapy devises was designed, build and later used to treat thousands of cancer patients and other diseases worldwide. Inspired by the success of the PXL-100 in 1993, he travelled to over 40 countries educating people of using his invention.

In 1994, Dr. Kempe led a team of medical scientist to clinically prove the function of the "Double-Frequency-System", a natural cell energy activating process he had also invented. After his PXL-100 System had positively produced CD-4 cells electronically in "Bubble-Kids" (babies born without a functioned immune system), he moved back to Germany and began an External University study program to earn his Doctor of Medicine in the field of Immunology and as Biomedical Engineer. (M.D.. External Program in London/IUFS-Saint Petersburg and Ph.D. from the Irish International University-Europe Union in Dublin).

Supported by his biological Russian Father, in 2000 he became involved in the Russian Medical Society. Professor Kempe holds presently a medical practitioner licence from the Russian Medical Military Academy (No. A 065330); a Doctor of Medicine- Immunology licence from the State Hospital St. Petersburg No. A 0987687 and has been awarded the AAMA Board Certificate, No. 73152208 as Alternative Medical Practitioner in the field of Immunology, authorized to practise in the United States of America.

Since 2002, Dr. Kempe is Chief of Staff of the GKA Medical Centre in Saint Petersburg and medical Coordinator of the Russia Health of Nation Program.

The Russian Parliament, the DUMA, acknowledged his Lifework, the Genoupls-System, with an official Letter from the President and honoured his 10 years as Research Scientist at the US-Aerospace Industry with the highest medal of Honour, the Juri Gagarin Medal.

Dr. Kempe is Active Member of the International Academy of Sciences, Membership Number 10-227, in Saint Petersburg.

During his work as medical Practitioner- Internship at the Wicker Kliniken/Germany, he met the President of the Stiftung Krebsforschung (Foundation of Cancer Research Germany). Dr. Abmayr financed with 8 Million Euro the R&D and construction of a GKA-System. In 2000, Dr. Kempe opened his Research Institute of Modulated Energies and Private Clinic in Switzerland. After testing and finishing the GKA-System, the rights of this unit was 2004 transferred to the Foundation for Marketing.

The NFAM (National Foundation of Alternative Medicine - Washington/USA) listed the GKA-System as one of the most effective Cancer and other Diseases curing system.

Dr. Kempe is an independent Research Scientist.

Medicine; Cell biology; Nuclear Physics; Biomedical Engineering; Immunology; Chemistry; Electronics, Experts in the metal & plastic fabrication and Deep Sea & Space exploration.

Website: www.genopulstechnic.org Email: prof.hanskempe@lycos.com

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