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Trinfinity8 is the label of a pseudomedical software which is promoted for anti-aging. „Information“ is said to be transfered to the body via two quartz rods which the user is supposed to hold in his hands. At the same time, users will listen to sounds and relaxing music with headphones and watch ( fractal patterns) on the monitor of a computer. Users may chose from a variety of programmes, e.g. to rejuvenate hair and skin, for loss of weight, or to dissolve „blockages“. The price charged in the USA is approx. $ 8,000. The device was invented by California psychologist Kathy J. Forti who is said to have developed Trinfinity8 between 2004 and 2009. A near-death experience allegedly initiated Forti inventing the device. Presently (2013), the product is not popular in Europe.

Information given by Providers

Almost no technical detail is being mentioned for Trinfinity8. As one example, the nature of „information“ - sometimes also called „frequencies“ - transfered to the body is completely obscure, as is the way in which this is transfered by cables and quartz sticks and how it then enters the client's hands and body. Instead, the product is promoted with a variety of pseudo-medical claims.[1] According to these claims, Trinfinity8 allegedly is an „algorithmical rejuvenation technology“ and the first „energetic device“ based on mathematical algorithms. With their assistance, the body is said to receive „instructions“ in the form of a binary code. There are vague hints at a positive influence on DNA. Regarding the quartz rods providers claim „even science“ knew that quartz crystals were transmitters of information and therefore were present in almost every electronic device (this refers to simple oscillating crystals which serve as a clock generator in many electronic circuitries). In a sector-specific way, there are references to quantum mystics, and a sacred geometry is said to play a part.

Furthermore, absurd „research data“ are being presented, too.[2][3] Alternative medic Michael Kessler claims to have established, in a man aged 68, a reduction in „biological age“ from 76 to 58 years after three fifteen-minute sessions of Trinfinity8. Glen Rein, a known expert for pseudo-medicine, claims to have seen an increased electrical conductivity in human DNA which he exposed to „the energies of the Trinfinity8 system“. This, he claims, was to be seen as positive. Since the electrical conductivity reacted extremely sensitive to „etheric energies“, he claims to have cleansed the laboratory „energetically“ first, e.g. by playing appropriate music. Rein also claims to have prevented a corruption of data by his own „bio field“ by having conducted the experiments in a „neutral state of mind“. One Dr Norman Shealy of „Holos University“ (which is a title mill) claims to have observed a weight loss of 5 pounds on average in five overweight patients after they had been treated with an hour of Trinfinity8 over eight weeks. Dr Beverly Rubik, the founder of an „Institute for Frontier Science“, allegedly was in a position to prove, with „meridian measurement“ and gas discharge visualisation, that both chakras and aura of a 61-year-old woman changed positively after receiving a 26-minute treatment of Trinfinity8.

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