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Bovis scale

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[[image:Vibracell.jpg|example for advertisement for a comestible using "Bovis-values"|420px|thumb]]
The Bovis-scale is used on a basis of undefined or cloudy words like "life-energy", "astralic" or "vitality". Furthermore, known scientific terms (energy, radiation, measurement) are used, but their meaning is not disclosed, sign for pseudoscience. There is no definition given for the "Bovis-units" and there are no known detecting or calibrating instruments for the claimed "subtle energies". Effects deduced from pendulum movements are known to be influenced by the Carpenter-effect.
Some sources, also inventors Bovis and Simoneton, relate their Bovis-values to the known unit Ångström while speaking about "wavelenghth" of alleged measured radiations. Some authors also speak about "Bio-Ångström" die Rede, making it futher difficult to understand about what they are talking about. Using Bovis-values as length units, they can be used to assign an energy in its physical meaning. But, by doing this, an increasing Bovis-value would assign decreasing energies (as known in physics), because the wavelenghth of an electromagnetic radiation is inversely proportional to its frequency, and not increasing enegy as supporters of the Bovis concept state. Also, using the Bovis-numbers as Ångström, the claimed radiation energy would be visible.
Sometimes the Bovis-numbers are used to diagnose deseases of humans. There is no rational basis for this pseudo-medical use.

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