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Bovis scale

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[[image:Bovis.jpg|thumb|right|Bovis-units according to A. Bovis|300px]]
The '''Bovis-scale''' (''Bovis-units'') is used by [[Radiesthesia|radiestesists]] to describe the "strength" of a presumed "subtle energy" or "life energy". This unit is scientifically not accepted and has a [[pseudoscience|pseudoscientific]] character.
==Inventor of the Bovis-scale, A.Bovis==
The origins of the term "Bovis" is unclear. According to different sources the Bovis-scale is named after a French alleged physicist, radiestesist, inventor and tinkerer Bovis. His first name is referred as Anton<ref></ref>, Antoine<ref></ref><ref></ref> André Bovis aus Nizza<ref></ref> or Alfred<ref></ref>, and his bith date is the 12th of january 1871 in Nice (France). His death occured the day 13.&nbsp;November 1947.
The szech radio-technician an pseudo-scientist Karel Drbal asserts in his book ''The Struggle for the Pyramid Patent'',<ref>Drbal, Karel: The Struggle for the Pyramid Patent. Warner Destiny, 1976)</ref>, that the inventor of the Bovis-scale would be Antoine Bovis, who allegedly had a hard-ware store and made private radiestetic studies and worked on a esoteric pyramide-energy. On the website "" a Antoine Bovis is also mentioned.

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