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Bovis scale

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Visible light has a wavelength between 3,800&nbsp;Å and 7,800&nbsp;Å. These wavelengths correspond to frequencies between 789&nbsp;and 385&nbsp;THz. Therefore, the declaration of "full vitality" will correspond to red light and have an energy of 2&nbsp;eV per photon, ultra-violet light having an energy of 3&nbsp;eV per photon (1&nbsp;eV = 1,6&nbsp;·&nbsp;10<sup>-19</sup>&nbsp;Joule).
[[image:Vibracell.jpg|Example of advertisement for a comestible using "Bovis values"|420px|thumb]]
The Bovis scale is used on a basis of undefined or cloudy words like "life energy", "astralic" or "vitality". Furthermore, known scientific terms (energy, radiation, measurement) are used, but their meaning is not disclosed, an indication of pseudoscience. There is no definition given for the "Bovis units" and there are no known detecting or calibrating instruments for the claimed "subtle energies". Effects deduced from pendulum movements are known to be influenced by the Carpenter effect.

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