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Dear psiram community,

I came across this article from the Swiss press (in Italian) regarding Peter Ferreira a.k.a. Peter Druf, psiram's "king of charlatans", who became famous in Germany (and rich) with his Himalaya salts scam.

The current entry on Peter Ferreira:


Recent investigation from the Swiss press:




(hint: the online translator deepl.com is orders of magnitude better than Google Translate, if you can't read Italian).


Peter acquired yet another name, he is now called "Peter zu Sayn-Wittgenstein". He is wanted by the German tax authorities, as discovered by the Swiss journalist in this New-Zealand legal filing (search for "exile", "warrant", and "wanted criminal" in the document, or see p. 4 paragraph 12, p. 15 paragraph 55, p. 20 paragraph 82).


Here is proof it is the same Peter Ferreira, "biophysicist":



He also claims to be a German prince. He married miss Zürich (presumably he is divorced from Mercedes Ferreira who defended him on online forums at the time).


Also, check this out:


In Sayn muss Alexander Fürst zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn zudem auch leidvoll erfahren, wie häufig er Briefe von Menschen beantworten muss, die Opfer von Betrügereien wurden und dabei Täter bezichtigen, die allesamt seinen Namen tragen, „aber allesamt nicht mit uns verwandt sind und nicht zum fürstlichen Haus gehören“.

Apparently this is a scandal in Germany, with an AfD star who pretended to be a princess and then turning out to have bought her name and "title" through adoption. There is a vast network of those guys, and Peter Ferreira is one of them.


According to the Swiss journalist, Peter is involved in some shady business regarding a hotel resort in Switzerland where he is still using his "biophycisist" and "healer" usurped identity in order to fool people. He also published a new book on his salts.

What do you guys think? I think this deserves an update.