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Walsch, Hitler and Death

In a special Tutorial Session that followed the Humanity’s Team Leadership Conference, Walsch described another problem his team leaders were sure to encounter. It had to do with the controversial statements Walsch’s “God” had made about Adolph Hitler—like the “Hitler went to heaven” statement.19 Walsch advised his leaders that they needed to be prepared to answer some hard questions in regards to his “God” and Hitler. He explained that the Hitler material had the potential to damage their message about the New Age/New Gospel/New Spirituality.20

To prepare them for the inevitable criticism, Walsch provided a question and answer role-playing exercise. He introduced a seemingly logical, somewhat formulaic routine that could be used to try to convince people that Hitler had actually gone to heaven. The routine led one to conclude that if God’s capacity for love and forgiveness was all-encompassing, then God could forgive anyone of anything at anytime, if they were really sorry—even if the person was already dead—and even if that person was Adolph Hitler. But for all his talk of God’s love and forgiveness, Walsch was not able to adequately explain why his “God” was providing such an extensive spiritual rationale for Hitler and for the desirability of “death.” Was Walsch’s “God” laying the foundation for a future “selection process?” After all, “God” had told Walsch:

"You know you have found God when you observe that you will not murder (that is, willfully kill, without cause). For while you will understand that you cannot end another’s life in any event (all life is eternal), you will not choose to terminate any particular incarnation, nor change any life energy from one form to another, without the most sacred justification."21

In the last book in Walsch’s Conversations with God series, Home with God, Walsch’s “God” continues to glorify death. He also teaches that no one can die against their own will. In other words those who were killed by Hitler actually consented to the process! Here are some of the “thus saith God” quotes from Walsch’s “God” that could one day be used to justify the killing of those who do not conform to the dictates of his New Age/New Gospel/New Spirituality—those who dare to deny the New Age “at-one-ment” process which affirms that God is in everyone and everything. Walsch’s “God” states:

"Dying is something you do for you.22 You are the cause of your own death. This is always true, no matter where, or how, you die.23 You cannot die against your will.24 Death is never a tragedy. It is always a gift.25 Death does not exist."26

It is no wonder that Walsch wanted his self-declared “servant leaders” to be as prepared as possible to answer the hard questions that were sure to be asked about the New Spirituality—about Hitler and death and the “selection process” of his New Age “God.”