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  • Prof Shanthi Jayasekera. This so called Prof Shanthi Jayasekera’s real name is Jayasekera Mudiyanselage Shantha Pushpakumara. His real story is as follows. J M S Pushpakumara (That is how he was known till early 90s) was born in Ambagasdowe, Welimada. He made his first trip to Russia in 1986 on a scholarship awarded by Soviet Union. He obtained his masters and doctorate from Bronch Brevich University in Leningrad (now known as St Petersburg). He married a girl called Victoria who was connected to a Chechnese mafia group active in Leningrad. This mafia group was highly connected with the upper class of the society including the mayor of the city, members of Duma (parliament), KGB (Soviet intelligence service), military, business community and scientists. He was well known as Pushpakumara among Sri Lankans. Jayasekera’s first international racket was bringing down of 47 vehicles from Japan through a Sri Lankan called Ekanayake in 1991-2. He paid a part of the sum agreed at the execution of the transaction promising to pay the balance in installments. However, he did not pay the balance claiming he lost the vehicles in the custom house. Second international racket of this mafia with the assistance of Jayasekera was human smuggling. Jayasekera brought Tamil refugees and former activists of JVP insurrection to Russia as the stepping stone to other European countries such as Germany. Amazingly, Jayasekera & his mafia gang were able to come to Sri Lanka pretending themselves as a Russian trade delegation in 1992 and stayed at Hotel Janaki. Later, Jayasekera established a company called Jalodgy for human smuggling. He took hundreds of Sri Lankans, specially Tamils to Russia as students and businessmen. The sole purpose of establishing Institute of Computer Studies in Leningrad was to obtain student visas for smuggled people. In addition to Sri Lankans, Korean, Pilipino, Pakistani and African people were also smuggled to Russia by issuing student visas from this institute. Some of them were taken to Germany through Czechoslovakia. Money and belongings of others were taken by force by this mafia group on the instructions of Jayasekera. A KGB officer who was a close confident of Jayasekera, later took some of students with forgery visas to custody. They were detained at Ruspridikil prison. Jayasekera capitalizing the situation collected another round of money from relatives of these refugee prisoners promising their release. Sri Lanka was known in Russia as a country which send bright students there. However, Sri Lanka lost the shine because of Jayasekera’s human smuggling project. It was later became a common sight that Sri Lankans begging on streets without food, money, shelter and visa. As a result, Sri Lankan embassy in Russia began to receive a lot of complaints against Jayasekera. This situation forced Jayasekera to change his name from J M S Pushpakumara to Shanthi Jayasekera. During president Premadasa’s time, Jayasekera attempted to obtain an advance from the government promising to supply satellite security system for the parliament without success. Another attempt to get a contract to supply weapons to Sri Lankan military had no fruit. Nevertheless, he succeeded in convincing a lot of Sri Lankan companies to supply beverages from Tea to herbal drinks to Russia on credit. Obviously, all of them became losers in these dealings. It is a mystery that how Institute of Computer Studies became International Institute of fundamental studies which conferred a doctorate on Ven Soma thero. This is not the only mystery associated with Jayasekera. However, it is very difficult even to take legal actions within Russia against Jayasekara because of his close relationship with bureaucracy, politicians and mafia. The money he is earning by cheating the Sri Lankans in various ways, are not enjoyed only by himself. He is only a henchman in this mafia. His first wife, Victoria took the ownership of all his properties in St. Pertersberg, including three houses with the help of the mafia group. She later sold those and fled to Germany with her two children. Now let us take Sisira Jayasekara, the brother of Shanthi Jayasekara who worked in Lalith Kotalawela’s Aratuwa Newspaper before he became the editor of the Jana Vijaya’s newspaper, of which Ven Soma thero is founder and the leader. Sisira worked at his brother’s foreign employment agency in 1992 for several months. He accepted money and passports from the persons to whom Shanthi promised to take to Russia. In the absence of Shanthi, Sisira had a lot of troubles from the people who had paid advances. When he complained about this to Shanthi, he arranged Sisira to go to Singapore for a while. During Sisira’s stay in Singapore, he was looked after by a refugee agent called Kabeer. Later Sisira managed to go to Russia from Singapore. If a presidential commission of inquiry on sudden demise of Ven Soma thero is appointed, it will be an opportunity for the nation to get to know about rackets of Shanthi Jayasekera who had the blessings of politicians, top government officers and reputed businessmen. Is it the reason for delaying this commission ?. Quelle: [1]