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Wayne Simmons is an American citizen and meanwhile an indicted fraud. Like Steven Emerson, he was a frequent pundit on Fox News.

Simmons invented an impressive curriculum vitae which is fake. His claims to have been a CIA outside paramilitary special operations officer likewise are not based on facts, and his further claims to have been working for the CIA for 27 years is another lie. These claims and allegations were the basis of his claims of expertise which were accepted by Fox News and apparently the US government, too, since Simmons worked as a subcontractor for the government several times. None of his allegations and claims were ever revealed by examinations done for security clearance.

Simmons' fraudulent claims were revealed when he was arrested for making false statements, major fraud against the US, and wire fraud by the FBI in 2015. Media also report Simmons had received several convictions previously and now was detained as investigators discovered two guns during the arrest, despite of an earlier conviction for being a felon in possession of firearms.[1] Some media spoke of a "significant criminal history, including convictions for a crime of violence and firearm offenses".[2]

A further charge against Simmons refers to a scam in which he convinced another person to place a $ 125,000 real estate investment with him but used the money for personal expenses.[3]

Simmons particularly covered issues in the fields of islamophobia, Eurabia etc., and e.g. demanded the systematic racial profiling of persons of persons from countries of origin with a Muslim majority. He also called for having "American traitors" executed by firing squads. Having been active as an alleged expert for some 13 years, Simmons in many cases took up extremist right views, introducing them to a mainstream audience and serving to give credence to such views and even to conspiracy theories.



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