Stanisław Burzyński

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Stanislaw Rajmund Burzynski (born January 23, 1943 in Lublin, Poland) is a biochemist and a physician. He is founder, president and chairman of Burzynski Research Institute Inc. , based in Houston and Stafford, Texas. Since December 1976, Burzynski has administered peptides and their metabolites, which he calls antineoplastons, as treatments with alleged anti-cancer activity.

Legal issues

In 1993, Burzynski was brought to court in Texas for treating patients with a treatment not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and for selling antineoplastons in interstate commerce.[1][2] In 1998 the Texas Attorney General, Dan Morales, placed limits on his advertising of antineoplastons[3] and ordered him to cease and desist selling his products, without FDA supervised clinical trials.[4] Burzynski had appealed the limitations on his advertising on the grounds of free speech, but the appeal court upheld the decision, stating that "Burzynski's commercial speech does not concern a lawful activity."[1] Burzynski was also found guilty of fraud in 1994, as he claimed reimbursement from a health insurer for an illegally administered cancer treatment.[4] Burzynski has a hearing with the Texas Medical Board in April 2012. The might well revoke his approbation.


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