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Bovis scale

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The origins, and the inventor A. Bovis
The French André Simoneton seems to have made further developments of Bovis's invention, and he talked about a so-called ''radio vitality'' (radiovitalité). Both, Bovis and Simoneton related the Bovis-scale to the well-known lenth-scale Ångström (1&nbsp;Å = 0,1&nbsp;nm or 10<sup>−10</sup>m). On a original Bovis-scale of Bovis, the unit Ångström can be seen (see picture).
==Bovis reading==
[[image:Bovismeter1.png|thumb|300px|biometer or bovismeter (french: ''biometre'')]]
During a Bovis-"measurement" the dowser is walking around the place or approaching a particular object with an object (a pendulum, biotensor or "biometer"). The "measurement" is finshed, when the dowser declares the local Bovis number (''"this place has 18000&nbsp;Bovis"''). Sometimes a second person is douncounting from a high number until the dowser asks him to stop counting and to tell the actual number.
A number of 6500 is considered "neutral", lower figures affect human "energies" negatively, higher numbers positively. Numbers above 10,000 are in the "ethereal range" and considered to be [[Plce of Power|Places of power]].

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