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Principle of Power Saving

Principle of returning the heat energy lost by resistance to effective energy

1. Electrons by exchange of lattice vibration - Chemical Box created by chemical reaction If the attractive force between electrons is stronger than the expulsion force caused by electric interaction between the electrons, the resulting force would attract the electrons toward each other and characteristic internal structure will be formed where each two electrons move together as a pair forming a Cooper pair. 2. Pyroelectricity created by physical reaction. When electric current flows through the Power Saving Appliance, and if the increase of energy of Cooper pairs is less than the gap of energy, excitation state can not be created and the energy is not scattered allowing the continuous flow of electricity. 3. Electric effect In order to be able to supply the resulting decrease of electric resistance through the power connection, the current decreased by radiation method, among other energy transmission methods, is supplied maintaining constant torque at load, which will effectively improve the power current. ULTRA New Technology Principle

Power usage can be calculated as below. P(power usage)=V(voltage)xl(current)xCOS(pf)[W]

Two methods are applied to save the power : voltage drop and current improvement. More than 95% of existing power saving appliances is the voltage drop system. They are not simple to use since delicate machinery is sensitive to the voltage. The voltage drop system lowers the intensity of lighting and is generally avoided in environments such as hotels and department stores where importance is placed on atmospheric lighting. Adopting the current improvement method, "ULTRA" of KESECO minimizes load and increases current receiving efficiency without voltage adjustment to maximize power saving. It is highly welcomed by industries, which require high voltage power as well as in normal homes.

Current improvement

For our ULTRA, alternative magnetic field and Rotating Electromagnetic Waves are generated by ceramic installed inside power saving appliance as the picture below. Rotating Electromagnetic Waves generated on this occasion is converted to far infrared ray(8-11㎛ near the maximum radiation energy) by structure free space and emitted. This far infrared ray is converted to Rotating Electromagnetic Waves consecutively by alternative magnetic field again. Under this process, Rotating Electromagnetic Waves improves current flow by flowing into wire by high absorption power between power saving appliance and voltage gap of wire in it. In other words, Rotating Electromagnetic Waves absorbed into wire have influence on imperfect crystal structure and make free electron current better and improve current by converting reactive energy wasted by existing resistance into active energy. Finally it reduces resistance of wire and improve current value energy.

Comparison with competitor

P(KWH)=V(Voltage)*l(current)*COS(pf) P(KWH) is to determine power capacity reduction based on 3 factors as above

1. At first, for voltage adjustment system(dropping voltage) and you can just compare height of water tank from ground with voltage.

About low voltage(110~660V), for example if motor is less than property voltage, it can't keep torque any more therefore it causes tremendous trouble and product life cycle. Most of factories are avoiding this, many troubles regarding this have been occurring in Japan, Korea, China and any other countries.

By adopting series circuit, volume is 10~20times bigger than current type. Therefore it is often restricted when installing. The price is triple times expensive therefore it has disadvantage that the investment can be returned in 3~4years. Most manufacturers producing power saving appliance are same like this. They are making an effort to cover the disadvantage of dropping voltage. However to the original point, it is proportionate to formula stated as above. Most experts name it "A.V.R((Average Voltage Regular). We usually say it "Transformer"

2. At second "phase modifying eqiupment" called condenser is not applicable to household,business establishment, factory but it is nothing but "phase modifying eqiupment" as compensation for reducing "reactive power" in only KEPCO. COSθ is ratio of active power for apparent power In other words, it is ratio that how effectively voltage and current perform to electric equipment. However, the most important thing is that it hardly influences on active power quantity(KWH)which is a standard collected by KEPCO.

On the view of supplier of KEPCO, it does not matter to flow current slightly. Then drop of electric pressure becomes little and has a advantage of usage effect of power supply equipment. On disadvantage aspect, it is installed in main TR mostly received. Moreover unreal excessive installation causes "leading phase", which make us pay more electric charge and has danger of fire. In conclusion , it is nothing but unreal phase modifying eqiupment.

3. At third, it's current. If the height of voltage system is far from the water tank on the ground, just think current the thickness of pipe. KEPCO as receiver or supplier is making every effort in providing this current. Using electricity = it is equal to using current, Current is the existence to obstacle free electron flow named as resistance in A/C. In other words, it is to make water flow difficult in pipe.

ULTRA is world 1st current improvement system by keeping voltage regularly applied superconductor.

Superconduction phenomenon in normal temperature (300K) has been already developed scientifically and is being approaching theoretically and presently applied products will appear.

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