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Patente zum Thema kalte Fusion

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  • italienisches Patent MI2008A000629. Rossi Andrea. 6.4.2011. Processo ed apparecchiatura per ottenere reazioni esotermiche, in particolare da nickel ed idrogeno.
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  • WO 2011016878 A1. MILLS R L. 18.3.2010. Power source for power system comprises reaction cell for catalysis of atomic hydrogen, reaction vessel, vacuum pump, source of atomic hydrogen, source of hydrogen catalyst, other reactant to cause catalysis, and heater.
  • WO 2011016014 A2. CELANI F; DI STEFANO V; MARINI P; NAKAMURA M. 7.8.2009. Forming surface layer with catalytic activity, on nickel or its alloy based substrate, involves oxidizing surface to get anchoring layer of nickel oxide, applying colloidal silica, heating and activating by treatment in reducing atmosphere.